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  1. Hudson River
    :flyfish: Went to check on rumors that the boys were getting stripers North & South of the Ossining area lets say so as not to Spot Burn the limited fishing spots that they already have, but it's true. I stayed and watched guys pull up some schoolies, just above 18" at least 5 of them, and i...
  2. Hudson River
    Yesterday my fiance and I took a lil trip up the hudson and we drove through Croton Point Park and was wondering if anybody has had success fishing there. We were thiking of doing a bbq there with friends and I was gonna spend the day fishing. Any input on the park would be appreciated along if...
  3. Hudson River
    If any DEC reads this board... you can make a fortune in fines if you patrol fishing areas at croton point park. i witnessed at least 3 short fish go into coolers yesterday. said something to one guy who came to shoot the shit with us (guess he wasnt expecting me to care) but all he did was pack...
  4. Hudson River
    I did ok in April but didn't do as much in May, especially this week because of work and the weather. Correction: got catfish and eels on bunker and enough perch on bloods to get everyone on excited :) Carp are in--and there are bunker schools around too. But seems like bass are...
  5. Hudson River
    Hey,last weekend I was fishing the Croton Bay area with some chunk herring and I wasn't even getting a nibble. This weekend I'm contemplating whether or not to use some bloodworms. What you guys think? Has anyone had any luck there? Thanks.
  6. Hudson River
    exploring here tomorrow for some stripers..has anyone been there yet this early season?
  7. Hudson River
    fished about an hour while waiting for a friend to get off the train. incoming tide just south of the point. had a few bites but no takers.
  8. Hudson River
    Went out on Sunday, 4-6-09 just north of croton point from shore. Got to our spot around 11 am. Was the middle of the outgoing. The wind was really sweeping down the river from the north, I mean Brutal. Fishing was slow to start, but right around the dead low tide, it came alive. We pulled...
  9. Hudson River
    iseen pics of 11 schoolies caught in croton. biggest being 25inch. small but coming up slow and steady:banana::yay::yay:
  10. Hudson River
    I think I'm going to drop the boat in tomorrow. I would like to go down to the Croton area anyone know of a good public boat launch or a Marina where this can be done? Thanks
  11. Hudson River
    My friend and I fish off stamford CT. We're thinking about dropping the boat in the hudson for a day before the season starts in CT. Are the fish up around croton yet and is blood worms the best bait to use. Is it better with an incoming or out going tide. Hope someone can help us out!
  12. Hudson River
    Since season opened March 16 I havn't had the time to go fish this productive area. Any reports on wet lines?
  13. Hudson River
    fished potatoe rock last night and I had 1 run-it was a 29" bluefish weighing in at 6lbs.
  14. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    my freind caught 40+ carp in his pond.big fish.his family can handle fish like that his dad caught a 1,000+blue marlin.west african record.they also hold an IGFA world record for a largemouth size baitfish.dunno what kind its african
  15. Hudson River
    The Stripers Were Hitting Hard Over The Weekend. Can't Fish Croton Point B/C The Water Was 2 Choppy (COLD). The Closer We Got To The Train Station The Stripers & CATFISH Were All Over The Place. There Must Of Been 10 Boats Fishing The Point & They All Had ZERO Fish. We Were The Only Boat By...
  16. Hudson River
    The stripers were hitting hard over the weekend by the train tracks. Bloodworms did the job. Try to go @ low tide b/c as soon as the tide starts rising they all hit the point. I mean by the hundreds! ! ! !!! :P Oh and if you love catfish there all over the place.
1-16 of 16 Results