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  1. Hudson River
    well the last few days have been ok fishing for me until yesterday,it started out by meeting my buddy yesterday morning to go you all know the weather sucked,we caught 1 fish all morning with a couple of we went to lunch and when we got back to the docks it seemed like the...
  2. Hunting / Game
    This season sucks for me so far. I have seen one and only one deer that might have weighed 90 pounds wet. It seems to be raining every time I want to go out.
  3. New Hampshire
    Decided to go out and fish the turbulance. Got a 37" Striper in Rye this early AM. I was up all night playing poker online, and by the time I quit, it was too late, errrr, too early to go to bed. So threw on warm clothes and Gortext gear and headed up 1A. Just in time for twilight fashin'. Took...
1-3 of 3 Results