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  1. Hudson River
    I never feel I do it right, even when I land a fish I intend to catch...... When do you respond to the nibbles on your line. You wait for the live liner to run. When do you reset your presentation when you feel it's lesser fish messing with your bait? This applies to chunk and live...
  2. Massachusetts
    Hey all. That rumblin' off in the distance? It's not thunder; the cows are coming home. Thought I would start my posting here with a Q&A on the preferences of cows to various structure, given calender, tide, bait, etc. Before anything, though, I want to offer my most sincere thanks to all...
  3. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Posted this pic on River Reports, figured Id put it here too. Fished just south of Rondout Creek in 15 feet of water. Caught on chunk, outgoing tide. My girls first ever striper. I was more nervous and excited while she was fighting it than she was. 43" 30+ pounds. Great way to get her...
  4. Kayaking Stripers
    I haven't been here in a while, this place has gotten busy. I can remember it very seldom getting any interest and I have been out of touch. I gotta start stopping by more often. I see a lot of familiar names in here as well!!!!
  5. Massachusetts
    A buddy of mine fished the Piscatiqua River Saturday night into Sunday morning. They did very well. Live pogies. Biggest fish 46" Congrats Cory!
  6. Hudson River
    Real nice fish at Saugerties yesterday (not mine!)- 47" and 45lbs. Saw it posted at Noreast. Caught on live herring. Hour-long fight. Hadn't been on that site in awhile. God, now I remember why I left Noreast. That site has degenerated into an insult-trading mess of childish folks and...
  7. Hudson River
    43 1/4 incher at river basin in caskill still no herring urrr
  8. The Striper Forum
    So, me and my freinds have been going afters stipers on the south side fo the cape (alot of Monomoy, chatham and Nauset spots) for a while, and have done pretty well grabbing some good teen lbs stripers on most trips, with the ocasional big one mixed in. But we are now trying to really focus on...
  9. Massachusetts
    39" 18.1 - 18.8lbs depending on where it was weighed. -Lou
  10. Hudson River
    I just talked to tom down at the river basin and a guy bought in a 46 incher this morning so the big ones are here he is in first place in the contest now urr iam going fishing untill next time good luck every body :cheers:
  11. Massachusetts
    As I have mentioned in previous posts the biggest striper i've been able to get this season is 26 inches. Ive caught 4 or 5 at 26 inches but cant seem to get anything bigger... tomorrow will be different! Im going out of beverly in a small bathtub with a tiny motor and damnit im gonna catch...
1-11 of 11 Results