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  1. Hudson River
    Caught two yesterday and it was the first time i can ever remember being disappointed because they were too big :frustrated: The second one was a hair over 28 which got me thinking. What is the correct way to measure?? Nose to tip of tail??
  2. The Striper Forum
    Does anyone out there watch "Ocean Hunter" on ESPN2 (usually on Sunday mornings)? Some people call it "Offshore Adventures" It's about people from the West coast aboard the Go Fisch. Every episode I've seen is about free diving and spear fishing.. ANYWAY.........I'm after the music on that...
  3. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Hello every one! I have been thinking about this.....I guess I am just cheap, plugs and lures can be expensive. So losing them is not very fun. The last time I went fishing I managed to lose two lures in rocks off a jetty. Not a big deal but it got me thinking. Would it be smart to do this...
1-3 of 3 Results