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  1. Hudson River
    Fished for about 2 hours outgoing tide mid morning. Used 1 bloodworm from shore down in Cornwall got 1 big catfish. Threw the stoolie for herring a lot and got nothing
  2. Hudson River
    I see reports on here and heard reports from great sources in plum point area. Fish being caught all over....But all season, there have only been 2 fish over 10lbs pulled in cornwall. Been using bloods, where perch destroy in 30secs, switched to cut herring, nothing but Cats and Eels...
  3. Hudson River
    today had some fish caught. alot of schoolies, which i got two 16inchers, (woop de doo, lol) few other guys got schoolies, and down shore there was a 14lb and one a lil smaller then that. still waiting on a decent fish here. on side note, this wind is ridiculous, so far every single time i...
  4. Hudson River
    Just spent a couple of hours before sunset paddling around Cornwall Bay. Got to cruise within 30 feet of some mighty nice Bald Eagles. Saw a handful of big stripers getting pushed up on their sides to the surface. All in about 3-5 feet of water at the mouth of Moodna Creek. I'm a bit of a rookie...
  5. Hudson River
    Fished early morning nothing....taken a break now. Someone is having a rally running for senate against Schumer behind us, so we are on YNN TV, lol
  6. Hudson River
    Been fishing past 2weeks, still no action, but seeing reports fish bein caught well north of here.....wonder when it will heat up here
  7. Hudson River
    went out this morning about 8, just a miserable morning, cold and really windy. so im jus waiting out today and goin back out tommorow morning where hopefully its warmer and barely any wind
  8. Hudson River
    weather was great again, but not the fish. Still got the skunk on my bak this year, and i dont think its coming off. seems to be the end and i cant catch one, ill try again this week
  9. Hudson River
    couldnt even get a bite from shore, perch were out at times shredding up worms. Shorebound, wut time u stay til
  10. Hudson River
    yesterday (5/26) fishing off shore, i finally got my first real run of the season. My pole slammed, so i picked it up and set the hook. Fish starts running real good and hard, so i know its a decent sized. About 10mins later, the guy next to me didnt reel up his line and the fish tangled into...
  11. Hudson River
    started at 0500, got nothing from shore.....well time to go head down to florida, ill be back next friday June 1st, hopefully they will still be around, most ppl here are sayin they should, we have seen no spawning yet
  12. Hudson River
    ...from shore. I left at to for work...about 3 some guy caught a 12pounder (friend called my phone and told me), and at 8, my friend got a 13pounder...both on blood worms....ill be headin out around 2am tonite, high tide at 415. Hopefully get to fish if we dont get kicked out by cops, cuz park...
  13. Hudson River
    my friend pulled in a decent one from shore, had to of been 6-7 pounds, couldnt weigh it cuz it slipped back into the water when we were takin the hook out. Then 3 more little ones were caught....some good news
  14. Hudson River
    i fished again today in Cornwall from shore...nada....reports from boats sayin that the fish are on the East side of the river, not on the west where i am. Only caught one 6 pounder last week, thats is. Why are they not in my area
  15. Hudson River
    The water was between 51 and 54 the whole way, trolled around a while and marked some fish but didn't have any hits, the same with drifting. On the way out we noticed a gull eating at something, went over and saw it was a striper so I got it with the net. Weighed about 8lbs but it looked like...
  16. Hudson River
    me and a few friends, and also about 10 other guys fished the shores of Cornwall today, not one of us pulled in a striper. Anyone have a good idea when they will strat biting? Is it just a matter of time?
  17. Hudson River
    went out today, caught 2 stripers from shore....One was not keeper size, but the other one was, a good 5-6 pounds. ALso another good sign are Seagulls flyin overhead, means baitfish are up here
  18. Hudson River
    here in cornwall, few guys were catchin stripers, mainly 16-24 inches. wont be long till bigger one start showin up, ill be out tommorow and sunday
  19. Hudson River
    does anyone fish either of these spots regularly? And if so have u gone yet this year. I live in Cornwall so every couple of days i take a 30sec drive down to the river and talk to people who are fishing, pretty much everyone said they caught nothing. If you do fish these spots, you will...
  20. Hudson River
    Well the weather is looking good, I am just debating to fish from shore or float the 12' jon boat out onto the shallow sandy area by plum point? Have had good luck there, but can get hairy at times. Bloodworms always seem to do the trick, but maybe something different this time? Thanks, Mike
1-20 of 20 Results