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  1. New York
    Oct 23, 24 Great weekend of blackfishing. Capt Rich's charters had some great action Sat and Sun with boat limits plus (orl)ther were 12 keepers over 8 lbs largest going 11.5 lbs. Capt Glen had the parker out on Sat with Alana and friends blues to 13 lbs were landed ervery min until they begged...
  2. Striper Guides & Charters
    Oct 5 This great start to the Blackfish season continued today. Only a couple of fares made it down to the boat today so Capt Rich took out the Steiger and beat up the Tog again. 35 or so keepers to 7 lbs today. Sailing Everyday at 7am. Don't miss out on this fantastic bite!
  3. New York
    I watched one of these bums at the ditch run over some old mans line numerous times until he managed to break the old gent off. apparantly he wasnt supposed to fish the Ditch / aka the surfer beach. Link to East Hampton Article
  4. Massachusetts
    I spent the last 2 nights in my kayak in and around the Westport River. Mostly just scouting and storing potential spots in my GPS to revisit later. Did toss some lures occasionally, but did not mark a single fish on the sonar all weekend and saw very little baitfish activity. Water temps...
1-4 of 4 Results