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  1. Hudson River
    My teammate Paul Dillon is in a photo Contest for the Striper Cup. It would be awesome if you guys could vote form him. The link is below.
  2. Hudson River
    I guess Tom wants to just slow down and take it easy. What a shame. I was going to win it this year!
  3. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Tom has decided to shorten the contest this year. THIS YEAR'S EVENT STARTS AT 12:01 A.M. ON APRIL 21st AND ENDS AT NOON ON MAY 31st. It's fine with me because by April 25th, I'll have it all but won!
  4. Vendor Deals
    It is with great pleasure that we at Pelagic Outfitters announce the winners of our web site give-away Give-Away. Our winners are: The Grand Prize of a Okuma Makaira 10II (Gold) 2 Speed Reel is: S. Richardson from 2Cool 2nd place winners, each receiving a Pakula Lure sampler 3 Pack, are: M...
  5. Hudson River
    Anyone else fishing the RVW contest tomorrow?
  6. The Striper Forum
    Thanks to our sponsor Bubba Blade for this giveaway. Bubba Blade manufactures the ulltimate sportsman's knife. With a no-slip grip rubber handle, Teflon coated stainless steel razor sharp blade, and multiple sizes to choose from, anyone who fillets fish will love the Bubba Blade...especially if...
  7. Hudson River
    the big ones are still around guys ...get out there
  8. Hudson River
    Went to the River Basin and entered the 2011 contest. I think this may be my year! Of course I say that EVERY year so......
  9. Hudson River
    New leader of 40". Still small, but a good sign of things to come!
  10. Hudson River
    John Munno has entered a 38.5" fish in the contest. He's a striper catching MACHINE that has won the contest before. Pics at
  11. Hudson River
    6 more days till the April 18th 5pm sign up deadline folks. Get yer arses to the shop and get ready. $15 to join. Contest starts April 19th and ends @ noon May 31st. 100% cash payback to the 6 biggest fish. :yay:
  12. The Sports Bar
    Subject to change prior to opening day. Adam Dunn = 42 Albert Pujols = 45 Alex Rodriguez = 40 Ryan Braun = 49 Ryan Howard = 51 Prince Fielder = 44 Mark Reynolds = 45 Mark Teixeira = 39 Adrian Gonzalez = 37 Justin Morneau = 36 Evan Longoria = 40 Aramis Ramirez = 38 Raul Ibanez = 33 Matt...
  13. The Sports Bar
    you may add a wild card not on this list. (List in progress) Adam Dunn Manny Ramirez Albert Pujols Alex Rodriguez Aubrey Huff Carlos Pena Carlos Quentin Grady Sizemore Miguel Cabrera Mike Jacobs Ryan Braun Ryan Howard Ryan Ludwick Prince Fielder Mark Reynolds Mark Teixeira Derrek Lee...
  14. The Sports Bar
    I will be setting up a homerun contest if there is enough interest in it. The format will be as such. I will list the top 75 or so sluggers in Major league baseball and you will pick 15 sluggers for your team. You will add up the total home runs hit by these players during the course of the...
  15. Images and Pictures
    I got an email but I can't find the spot to look at the pics or upload any. Need some assistance
  16. Hudson River
    I just spoke to my dad who was in there about an hour ago and he told me that if the contest was to start today, first place would win just under $4500! I would just like to thank everyone here who is in the contest for contributing to my first place check. I promise I'll only spend the money on...
  17. Striper Guides & Charters
    Congratulations to Nicholas Ecock of Breezy Point, NY for being the first winner in our year long e-mail contest. Nick won a FREE trip in April aboard the ANGLER II out of Port Washington. To enter the contest visit our website click on The ANGLER II and "sign the guest book"...
  18. Hudson River
    Rules A Regulations 1. Entry Fee: $10 must be paid by 9pm on April 19th 09 , or mailed ,Postmarked by April 20th. 100% of all entry money collected is paid back as prizes. In person sign up will be at Yanni's Too. 2. Contest Dates: The contest starts Midnight April 20th,09 and ends 6pm on May...
  19. Hudson River
    The fee had gone up to $15. Seems a little steep, but with a 100% payback, it could be well worth it.
1-19 of 49 Results