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  1. Hudson River
    Hi all, could anyone provide me with current condition of albany area? Currious how last nite's rain affected the river as I would like to call in sick to work tomorrow! Thanks!
  2. Hudson River
    Post your river condition/tributaries reports here.
  3. Hudson River
    Is anyone fishing or seen the river in Albany and Troy after this rain how does it look.
  4. Maine
    Rain, Rain, Go Away... Kennebec River is flowing at over 40000 cubic feet per second. Once river settles and clears Striper Fishing is going to bust wide open... They are here but almost impossible to fish for... Once the dust settles. The hunt is on... Will post as soon as the bite is on...
  5. Vendor Deals
    Swamp Stallion Fishing Adventures is expanding! Sometimes it is difficult to book multiple trips when I am running by myself or have something planned that day. I am working with Captain Sal Fontana to get my customers out on the water and Captain Sal has been great! Recently he took out the...
  6. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Anybody have water conditions in Troy/Albany area? Was looking forward to this weekend until last nights storms. Anybody going try it tomorrow or is it a big waste of time?
  7. Hudson River
    Planning a trip to Newburgh area for Friday.Wondering how muddy the river is after all the rain.
  8. Hudson River
    just wondering how the river looks from the dam down to albany? muddy, high, lots of debris, fishable? was gonna go friday if the river is ok. anybody got an update?
  9. Massachusetts
    Planning on leaving the Merrimack at 6 am looking for macks. Seas are now forecast 2-3 with 7-10 knot winds. Still go or stay home? Brand new 23' cc
  10. Diamond Valley Lake
    Nothing really to get excited about. The stripers are still on the slow side. Those who are fishing for them are able to catch a few here and there. Its pretty muck wide open on l.m.b. Dropshots. Report of 20 to 50 fish per day with couple bonus 5 to 6 lber. Bluegills can make your day with...
  11. Hudson River
    Thinking of making a trip to fish Newburgh Friday.Live in Pennsylvania .How has all the rain affected the river?Is it muddy,fast,lots of wood etc.?
  12. Hudson River
    The Catskill Creek is stained but not the worse I've ever seen and the river still looks in good shape! In fact, from the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, I could see the color difference between the river and the creek.
  13. Colorado Hybrid stripers
    The weekly fishing report is projected to return April 13 2010
  14. Georgia Stripers
    Striped bass survival in Lake Blackshear, Georgia during drought conditions: implications for restoration efforts in Gulf of Mexico drainages Author(s) BAKER Troy L. (1) ; JENNINGS Cecil A. (2) ; Author(s) Affiliation(s) (1) Georgia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, D.B. Warnell...
  15. The Striper Forum
    What are yours?
  16. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Can anyone provide a report on the conditions on the Ohio river, I was wondering if the high waters from all the recent rain had started to recede yet. any info would be greatly appreciated! thank you. .............Willy
  17. Diamond Valley Lake
    THE LEVEL IS DOWN TO ABOUT 90FT. no private rentals allowed. most of the bass habitats are above water level now. you,ll see in these pictures , just how bad it is.
  18. Massachusetts
    Question for the experts.....I found a ton of pogie....been hunkered down in the same area for a week....millions. The water in the area is 15 feet everywhere in a half-mile radius of the pogie. I've snagged em and made a mile run to a narrow channel, thinking that the bass would be in the...
  19. Hudson River
    Just got back from the Henry Hudson park, water seems pretty stained, didn't even bother to throw the Stoolie out. Nobody around. How does the water look else where ? :icon_cool2: BB
  20. Massachusetts
    perfect Early Fri. AM. A night of double headers, again. The outgoing tide was decent, preduced some nice bass. And no blues :)
1-20 of 31 Results