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  1. Rhode Island Fishing
    Looking for any advice on what I might be able to target while visiting friends next month . Can anyone make recommendations on what I can target from the shore/surf while I'm up here? I surf fish in nj, but I'm still pretty much a newbie. Thanks for an available advice Jim
  2. Rhode Island Fishing
    Hello fellow surf aficionados! I am Floridian who regularly fishes the surf for snook, tarpon, spanish macs, bluefish and jack crevalle. I am going to be staying in Little Compton the first week of October for a work trip. I should have one evening and one morning to get out and try to fish. I...
  3. Massachusetts
    Haven't been out yet for stripers.. Went for a couple of tautogs a couple of weekends ago. Wanted to go out last weekend but had to attend something in New York City. I want to get out sometime this weekend or next week. Im sick right now and My little girl will be Born on the 19th so that will...
  4. The Striper Forum
    Hi Guys !!! Guess Who !!!! Well anyway....Headed down to the shore friday night. Pea soup fog at 9pm. We were there to catch the incoming tide which was from 11pm to 5am saturday we walked to my favorite spot, we saw head;ights through the fog. as we set up down the beach...
  5. Rhode Island Fishing
    :D Briggs whats the report in little Compton ? Have you been out yet? Oh yeahh I got some plastic balls for ya. 8)
  6. Rhode Island Fishing
    I'd love to start this post off with " caught a bunch of fish last night"....but i can't. I really have to start off this off by saying " I Caught a Monster Last Night!!!!". My buddy and i Headed down to My favorite spot last night around 7:30pm. I was going to catch the incoming tide...
1-6 of 6 Results