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  1. Vendor Deals
    Jackets, hoodies, footwear, shirts, hats, and other Outdoor gear are all part of the equation in this extensive Columbia gear sale. Read More About the Columbia Gear Promo Here: Shop The Columbia Outerwear Deal Here
  2. Carolina Coast - Hatteras - OBX
    Hey "noob" here to both fishing and striper. I'm trying to figure out what the basic set-up is for fishing striper at the confluence of Broad/Saluda, into the Congaree. Just want to know some really simple stuff! - lb test, rig, accompanying rod/reel for fishing? - strategy or...
  3. South Carolina - Interior
    Hey guys, I'm just trying to get back into some river fishing after taking a few years off from it. I'm gonna be putting in at the Rosewood landing, just wondering if anybody has got any reports yet of some good sizes yet in the upper congaree area and down?
  4. Albemarle Sound
    Anybody have any info on the Columbia tournament? I haven't got anything in the mail yet.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I've been lurking around here every once in a while. This site was introduced to me by my brother who's a really cool fisherman. I am tired of getting lucky and catching a fish here or there. It's time to get serious and start fishing like a REAL fisherman! Lols!
  6. Images and Pictures
    Here are some photos of an old oyster boat that is still in service for the Tallmadge/Bloom Brothers Shellfish Company in Norwalk and Bridgeport CT. I met up with the Columbia near Bridgeport Harbor. :cheers:
  7. Albemarle Sound
    We're doing the event again this year, hopefully minus the tropical storm. The one major change is we're only allowing fisherman to leave from Tyrrell County. You can leave from either the wildlife ramp on the Scuppernong or from Alligator Marina on the Alligator River. Cypress Cove Marina is...
  8. Albemarle Sound
    The organization I work with is sponsoring a rockfish tournament Nov 2-3 in Columbia, NC. Fishing is allowed only in the Albemarle Sound and its tributaries. Winners will be determined by the total weight of 3 fish (individual or team) and there is also a $10 big fish pot. First place is...
1-9 of 9 Results