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  1. Hudson River
    Does anyone know what the river looks like around Catskill. It's high and looks like a mud puddle around troy/albany. Does it stay muddy all the way down.
  2. The Striper Forum
    I was fishing tonite and got 2 keepers one 28 and the other 32 inches. I noticed the smaller one had a dark almost black back and the larger one was very olive green color. Why is this Keep your lines tight
  3. Kayaking Stripers
    Are there any real advantages to buying a kayak with a camo color? I figure that the bright yellow is better so you're more visible to motor boaters, etc. The camo does look cool, but I don't see a good reason to choose that color. Any opinions...?
  4. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Stopped at the HH park ... water color really seems to be getting good. No issues seeing bait following Stoolie. Good number of truck/trailers in the lot.
  5. View From The Beach
    by Rich Troxler What are the colors of your favorite plugs? What are the colors of the plugs that catch you the most fish? Mine are pretty basic, the same old white, yellow, blue and black, in various combinations, that I have been using for years. I've always wondered how much color actually...
  6. The Striper Forum
    does anyone apply the magnetic spectrum when choosing a lure color? if you're not sure what i'm talking about, certain colors penetrate deeper into the water column. after certain depths, some colors actually lose their true color and just look gray! i use a lot of green and blue which...
  7. The Striper Forum
    First off Hello, I have turned my attention this fall away from the inlet-ocean-bay towards what I would like to call the "back woods." Why? For the sport of it. To find out how far away and how obscure of places the stripers run to. I found some cool spots but I am interested in having a...
  8. Surfcasting Central
    I know that it is always important to match the bait in the area, but I've heard as a general rule of thumb to use white plugs during the day and black ones at night. Does anyone know the science behind this? Why are stripers attracted to these two different colors at these times? Thanks, Jim
  9. Surfcasting Central
    I am gearing up for the spring with my plugs and i wanted to know, what colors do i use when. ? can anyone help me????
  10. Kayaking Stripers
    Like will bright colors scare fish away, or is the ocean too deep for this to happen? I was going to buy a wilderness system's tarpon 120 and was torn between Mango and Camo and blue. Mango cause I like it and if I get lost it will be easier for me to be spotted, but camo and blue cause I will...
  11. Buy - Sell - Trade
  12. Plugs and Plug Building
    another beauty !
  13. Plugs and Plug Building
    another beauty!
  14. Plugs and Plug Building
    Thought I make somthing different for this year
  15. Boaters Forum
    I do my fishing on Long Island. Was thinking about using Momoi blue diamond braid for my conventional reels for striper fishing off a boat. I know is good for off shore use. What do you guys recommend?
  16. Hudson River
    Anybody been out or stop to see how the water is looking ? How about the creeks too ? Looked a bit stained in Bethlehem (from shore that is) i didn't think we got that much rain. It was real clear 2 days ago. :thu: Thanks, BB
  17. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I just want to know the best fishing line color for fishing in Hudson River/striper/saltwater, I have heard about that Red Line, but there are many factor (night, sun, water clarity) I just want to know in general terms what is the better color main line for this kind of fishing. I have heard a...
  18. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    I have looked at color charts for wrapping thread and am still at a loss. So here's the question. What collor would you pick for a honey colored lami blank to be wrapped in? Thanks Chris
  19. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    OK ... I have never ventured into rod building ... but will be pursuing a custom rod next year. I am looking for a rod to go with a 704 Greenie ... I would like to have a white blank, teal wraps, perhaps a touch of silver thread. I realize that wraps, guides etc. are highly selectable, but is...
1-19 of 35 Results