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  1. Hudson River
    With the temps dropping this weekend, whats everyones plan? Work a different spot? Use worms more? Do the stripers respond much to a drop in barometer before the storm like they do in their summer and all areas? The same question goes to herring, since almost all of us get our own bait...
  2. Hudson River
    My dad is gonna go Thursday considering it'll be the best day with wind and lack of rain conditions. Problem is its gonna get cold wed night. What do you think the bite will be like? Thanks guys weird season for us so far
  3. Hudson River
    With the cold front approaching I was wondering what the effect it will have on the fishing once the cold settles in say mom tues thnx
  4. Hudson River
    Looking to get out early and ride the outgoing tide, which is out at ~1020 and then catch the incoming tide which is high around ~1530. Drift some blood worms, cast some plugs, etc. Will be my 2nd time kayak fishing the Hudson, and still nervous! I am thinking an easy place to launch is south...
  5. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Man what an odd day, i thought for sure we would find some active fish. Had a few live bait right from the start, fished them deep, shallow, drifted, anchored & chunked, they lasted All day ... couldn't get a single taker shake.gif Not good. Didn't see a single Herring or Striper caught. We...
  6. The Wiper Room
    Okay, I caught wipers every time I went through mid June. I have been skunked every time since then. 30 fish days below the dam at Truman Lake in April. Then, I was trolling crankbaits from a kayak and caught my largest 12+ lbs in small lakes in KC area. Caught at least one fish every time I...
  7. Plugs and Plug Building
    stay home alone make poppers hehehehe:flyfish:
  8. Hudson River
    water temp was in the mid 48 degrees and now its down to 43. and the fish shut off no herring in 3 days and no stripers. we need some nice weather with no rain for atleast 3 to 4 days to get the temp back upbrick.gif
  9. Georgia Stripers
    Cold Weather = Great Striper Fishing SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. (3/8/2011) Challenge-hungry anglers should visit the state's major reservoirs now for cold weather striped bass action. This time of year, five to 15-pounders are common, with the occasional thrill of a 30-pound or greater catch. Striped...
  10. Alabama Stripers
    Might want to let the treestand rest for a day. Hybrids are quite active right now on the flats off main river channel and larger creek channels. Busting bait on the surface and attracting flocks a gulls. Fish are fairly spread out so you might drift a ways, 10 minutes or more, between schools...
  11. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Fished the Scioto River at Portsmouth , Ohio this morning and was well worth the cold. I caught 35 Whites and 7 Wipers on Zoom Flukes. The Wipers wanted the lure moving but the Whites were content with it just slowing drifting by. Even caught a Walleye. A good way to start my vacation. We hope...
  12. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Me and my buddy are trying to get out fishing this Friday but we heard that it is supposed to be pretty chilly out where we live. Were thinking that the beach will be pretty breezy and cold as well. My question is will the fishing be good even if it is colder than average out? My reasoning is...
  13. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    No luck out there today but found plenty of bait. Spoke to a few buddies that i know boated fish. Nothing huge, but hey they caught fish thumbsup.gif and i didn't !! My 4 trips in a row streak has been broken ... oh well, i'll get'em next time.
  14. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    the reaseon you are finding the herring in the creeks is because the water is to cold in the main river .river temp right now is 43.9 to cold the caskill creek is 46 so its a big differance.i think once the water temps get back up we will start seeing more herring being caught locally in the...
  15. The Wiper Room
    I learned this: if you wear Polarized sunglasses while watching the Saturday morning fishing shows on TV, there is still alot of glare on the water.
  16. Hudson River
    So whats the word on the stripers?where are they on the hudson now last I herd from the hrfa site was they wer catching scoolies in croton i dont know how true this is the water is still cold up here in the 36 to 37 degree range
  17. Massachusetts
    didn't stop me last night. At one of my spots, I nailed a 36" bass, 45 mins into the turn of the tide.icn___clap.gif
  18. Hudson River
    What affect will this late cold spell have on the spawn? I know they won't spawn until it is nearly 50 degrees, but, will it shorten the run or just delay it's start? I hope this makes sense....
1-18 of 27 Results