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  1. New Hampshire
    Hey Coalman; any idea what happened to the marsh mauraders site?? is it permanently dead...........scott
  2. All Time Best Threads
    Throughout 2007 I have met a lot of new people from web sites like 24/7 who share my passion to hunt and fish. I say thank you to everyone. 60 degree January day. Hare hunting with Danny and Bob and Stump. 1 st Annual Hare Hunt Berlin, NH Hare hunt with Danny and Cooper Squamscott River...
  3. Massachusetts
    Have you ever had one of those hunting or fishing partners where good times are bound to happen? I have one, Captain Danny. Captain Danny invited me to share his boat for an all night fishing trip for striped bass on the Merrimack River last night. I would have needed a pen and paper to keep...
  4. Massachusetts
    Well not really the ocean but close enough, the Great Bay. If I get anything out of being a member of a hunting or fishing web forum it is the first class guys I have met. Skunk ranks high on that list. We both hunt, fish and trap. We speak each others language. We met up at 0500 Saturday for a...
1-4 of 5 Results