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  1. Hudson River
    Ward's Bait in Newburgh is closing down and has 50% off everything....fantastic deals and the place is loaded. Kendall Ward passed last year from esophageal cancer and his son is liquidating as the rent is too high to keep the place going. He is not always there so call. 1-845-518-4274...
  2. Carolina Coast - Hatteras - OBX
    Removed at request of ECSU:a_dreaming:
  3. The Sports Bar
    9 million people tuned in. To put that in perspective Dancing with the stars had 20 million viewers. sign10.gif Twice as many people tuned in to watch Jerry Rice and Kenny Mayne doin the cha cha rather than watch the winter olympics. th_icon_loll.gif th_icon_loll.gif
  4. New York
    Libba repotrts that The western end of Sour thumb and the Eastern end of Cedar will be closed due to a plover nest. We'' keep you posted
1-4 of 5 Results