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  1. Delaware River
    Hey guys, gonna do some fishing from the front yard tomorrow and never used clams, just some opinions if i should use fresh or frozen clams. Also I read that the small rubber bands are best for keeping them on the hooks? Any input would be greatly appreciated!:flyfish:
  2. Delaware River
    So, this past weekend was crazy with the amount of bait we went through because of the bait stealers on the river. I was using the elastic stuff from the bait shop that looks like dental floss, but the clams still were disappearing left and right. I've heard something about women's pantyhose...
  3. Delaware River
    Heading out Sunday but want some opinions. Probably will be right around the CBB and with tonight's storm I'm sure the water will be more than a little dirty. Would you guys recommend bloods or surf clams? I'm leaning towards clams for the smell, if not anything else. Thoughts?
  4. New York
    Just wondering if anyone has used clams for baitin the Hudson?
  5. New Jersey
    fished under highlands bridge 12/26 only bait i could find frozen clams. nothin going on no hits .got a 30in bass 12/10 same spot hour after high tide.:flyfish:
  6. New York
    How much for a burlap sac of these? How much does it weigh? How much in a sack(average)? How much they cost? Where can I get a sac at good price? Closer to queens/long island border would be good but anywhere I guess... :GrayWingSmiley:
  7. Hudson River
    I was at Northern Dutchess Archery the other day and they sell frozen clams as an alternative bait to herring/bloodworms/sand worms and the guy there said they work good with the key being to keep them at least semi-frozen for putting on the hook. Has any one had success using clams as bait...
  8. New Jersey
  9. The Striper Forum
    A buddy of mine (an old salt, not some googan McFloogan) gave me some sound advice on how to better keep clams on your hook when chucking them from the surf. Whether you buy 'em frozen or harvest a bushel in the off-season, the key is to properly defrost them before ya head out to ur fishing...
  10. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    As a bait for Stripers I have heard on the beach that both Sandworms and Clams can be an excellent bait. What would you guys reccomend between these two? I realize that eels are the best to use but between these two baits what is the better of the two? How would you reccomend rigging these...
  11. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I had a bucket of clams last year that got put up in the freezer after an outing that proved to be my last. I have a chance to spend an hour around Salem Harbor tonight ( a rare occurance) and wanted to try for a fish. Can I use these or do they get "burnt" and un-apatizing to the stripers? How...
  12. Surfcasting Central
    ok me and my buddy were fighting over saltwater lures and whats better than what etc....... berkley gulp clams came to the table and i tried using a pack of them last year and got skunked. i think they're to hard, unrealistic and just out right suck. where as the guys fishin a little ways...
  13. Hudson River
    Just wondering if anyone has tried using some big chowder clams from the fish market as bait above the mid hudson bridge?? If so any luck
  14. The Striper Forum
    Are fresh clams from the local grocery store ok for bait or do you have to get claims from a bait and tackle shop??? might seem like a stupid question but i would really like to know. Thanks -Bob
  15. The Striper Forum
    jus another question. clams. what is the prefered method of useing clams from the surf? thanks in advance. high low? fish finder? no weight? jus a little info. thanks. im heading out tomorrow down townsend inlet sea isle city, nj. be on the beach for two days straight while im off from work...
  16. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    in the question about clams. some people have an offensive smell to them genetically. your fingers have oils in them that (in some people are more prominent) and also absorb minerals and chemicals throughout the days and weeks. (some of which take time to escape your skin) guitar players collect...
  17. Saltwater Species
    I have heard of this but never tried it. any suggestions. one thing i did notice was that the mud where i was in RI is very different from the sand and rocks on the cape. the rake hardly works. I found most of the hogs with my feet. I know this is not fish but they taste really good too...
  18. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    I tried casting clams from the shore. It seems like casting out a big snot. I didn't put any power behind my cast because I thought the bait would simply fling right off. It did. are you supposed to use them totally frozen? Only from a boat? I tried hooking it through the tough leathery...
  19. The Striper Forum
    I am going to be trying the Gulp! stuff out after seeing people have alot of success with them. My question, how do you rig the clams and the crabs? I have never used either as bait so I need to know steps a. b. c. etc... Thanks in advance.
  20. Saltwater Species
    NY Times Charles Mascialino, a transplant monitor with the Department of Environmental Conservation, watches over the waters of Raritan Bay off the coast of Staten Island. The New York Times The border skirmish is waged by shirtless men in small boats stabbing long rakes into the black...
1-20 of 33 Results