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  1. Hudson River
    DEC Proposes Circle Hook Requirement for 2021 Recreational Striped Bass Fishing Season Comments Accepted until Mar. 8, on Proposed Regulation for Circle Hooks to Help Improve Striped Bass Survival The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today released a new proposed...
  2. Hudson River
    What size circle hooks should I order for the upper Hudson River
  3. The Striper Forum
    Need to know what is the best or recommended knot for circle hooks. Fishing for stripers, using bunker. Saw that the perfection knot is the way to go, also the snelled. Any help would be great. Thanks
  4. Hudson River
    Just learned about a technique being used with circle hooks known as bridle rigging, with the idea being that the hook is set just off the bait, as opposed to through the bait. This will apparently prevent the hook "turning" and being buried in the bait, thus preventing hook-ups. My...
  5. The Striper Forum
    I fish for stripers on inland lake in Indiana. Use Bluegill for bait slow troll behind off shore boards about 15' deep over 40' water. Using a 5/0 circle hook and having trouble keeping the fish hooked. Gill is hooked thru both lips. Am I doing anything wrong? Last outing I had 5 hookups...
  6. Hudson River
    Want to try this spring the new trokar circle hooks this year , but the expence is limiting me to one size. in your opinon what size is the all around size for fishing live herring? fishing just off bottom from a boat thx. bryan
  7. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Well yesterday was my second time out and managed to catch 5 more fish making the season total so far 6. 4 of the 6 have totally swallowed the circle hook (like you can't see the hook) one was perfectly hooked in the corner of the mouth and the last was hooked perfectly hooked also, but I was...
  8. Massachusetts
    MarineFisheries Advisory October 11, 2011 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS: HOOK AND LINE GEAR RESTRICTIONS IN THE STRIPED BASS FISHERY MANDATING CIRCLE HOOKS AND PROHIBITING "YO-YO" RIGS Under the provisions of M.G.L. Ch 30A and pursuant to the authority found in M.G.L. Ch. 130 ss. 17A & 80, the...
  9. Hudson River
    I am wondering if the Octopus circle hooks that I bought are right. I Know they are not a true circle hook, is this style ok or are you circle hook guys using a true circle hook?
  10. The Striper Forum
    I was curious how you would use a circle hook with the bait feeder option? Do you just se t the tension on the bait feeder and your drag light? and then when a fish runs with it you tighten the bait runner and then switch to primary drag where you continue to adjust? Or do you just have the...
  11. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Hello all, I was just wondering if the bait on a circle hook (bunker, crabs, clams, eels, etc.) has to be put on in a certain way, so as to possibly not affect its hooking ability. I am aware they're meant to hook the corner of the fish's mouth, but I thought that if there was too much bait...
  12. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    What do you think the best way to cut and prepare frozen mackerel chunks on circle hooks? It might sound like a stupid question but hey. It seems some people say to fillet it, use tapered strips and let them dangle from the tapered end and some say to cut them up vertically and run the hook...
  13. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Was using a 7/0 circle hook and my clam flew off a few times. Is there a gami circle hook with baitsavers on it? Thanks
  14. Massachusetts
    ok here is the question if you are fishing chunk bait, on circle hooks, rod in rod holder, if have your drag set tight, in theory the fish should hit the chunk start to swim off and the circle hook will do its job and set in the corner of it mouth, right? I fish circle hooks but i am starting...
  15. Hudson River
    Simple question. Complicated answers I bet! Which do you prefer?
  16. The Striper Forum
    A few weeks ago I was chunking and at least 10 bass swallowed my traditional J hooks. I had to cut the line with the hook in their mouth and felt terrible about it. When I got home I searched for info on fishing with circle hooks in this site. Based on what I learned I tried them out this...
  17. The Striper Forum
    im asking cause im not really used to them so what size is best?
  18. The Striper Forum
    Several years ago I tried circle hooks and found that I lost a lot of fish and switched back. Now it dawns on me that I wasn't hooking the bait properly. With straight shanked hooks I bury the hook in the bait. In the process of setting the hook it would break through the meat and hook the...
  19. Hudson River
    Okay, what's the official name of the circle hooks that are required this year on the river? Also, what size do you recommend? I usually just bum the stuff off my buddy, but I want to be prepared for solo outtings. Thanks!
  20. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Do you see much difference in the type of hookset you get with a regular circle hook vs. an octopus circle hook? I was going through my tackle boxes last night, organizing, replacing hooks on plugs, tying some leaders, bottom rigs, and snelling some hooks and noticed that almost all the circle...
1-20 of 25 Results