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  1. New Member Introductions
    Ex merchant mariner Bosun. Licenced 50 ton master for the last 8 years. Avid canyon and near shore fisherman. Owns a 38':Sailor: Bertram sportfisherman and a 25' Seacraft. Always willing to learn new tricks and helping others doing the same. Glad to be aboard.
  2. The Sports Bar
    Liddell launches a blasphemous left hook that impacts Randlemans face. Short vid clip, 1.9mb's: Steamroller
  3. The Sports Bar
    Vid clip of KNOCKOUTS from UFC 49. The last one being Chuck Liddell leaving Vernon "Tiger" White in a pile of rubble with the hardest straight-right in the world, known as tha "Booff Punch". BOOFF! You're out. Short clip, 2.57mb's: Left in Rubble
  4. The Sports Bar
    Chuck introduces Tito ta tha "Dual Howitzers". Small clip, 1.8mb's Chucked Right Up Tito got Chucked Up! Thats how you IMPOSE YOUR WILL.
  5. New Jersey
    GOOD NEWS! "Next Monday at 10:00 Am Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., holding a press release for an upcoming bill he will sponsor in the Assembly this coming year. This bill will counteract bill #A5435 "Brodsky's Bill" and keep all authority in the hands of local municipalities within coastal...
1-5 of 5 Results