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  1. Surfcasting Plugs and their history
    In 1967 Charlie Cinto caught the biggest striper since Charles Church's 1912 All-Tackle World Record tying that fish with a 73 pounder. It was trolled up in the Cuttyhunk rips aboard the late Captain Frank Sabatowski's June Bug on a Googoo Eyes swimming plug. The fish never made the IGFA record...
  2. Massachusetts
    Just wondering if any have arrived yet.
  3. Images and Pictures
    Here are some photos I took this week of the Charles W Morgan, which is undergoing a three year renovation in Mystic CT. This is the last remaining wooden whaleship. Also, there is a NYT photo gallery of the hauling...
  4. Surfcasting Plugs and their history
    Massachusetts Striper Record. Charles Church 1913 Charles B. Church, Gosnold, Massachusetts Date - August 17, 1913 Weight - 73 lbs. Length - 5 ft. Girth - 30 ½ in. Where Caught - Vineyard Sound, Massachusetts Rod - Abbie and Imbrie, 6 ft. 6 in., 11 oz. bamboo Reel - J.B. Crook Line -...
  5. Saltwater Species
    We fished around Cape Charles and did not have any luck about two weeks ago. We heard later that as soon as we left the bite was on. 44 inchers were caught. Sometimes you just can't win. We fished last week and caught a 30 incher and released it. No other bites we were at Cape Henry...
1-5 of 7 Results