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  1. Albemarle Sound
    a few friends and I are hoesting a charity fishing tournament. This will be held at the midway drive ramp in edenton (32 bridge ramp). It will be open to all of the albemarle sound. Entrance fee will be $40 + a bag of non-perishables(or an extra $10). Collected food will go to the food bank...
  2. Massachusetts
    To give everyone a heads up on a chance to bid on some GREAT fishing trips and some great gear. Angling for Charities is a local non proft organization to benifit the Make a Wish foundation and the local New england food banks. The aution will be held on E-Bay in November Check out the site...
  3. New York
    :usa:Wounded Warrior Fishing Tournament- Montauk NY:usa: October 11, 2008 This Columbus Day Weekend the North Shore Anglers Club will be hosting the second annual Tournament for the Troops Fishing Tournament in Montauk, NY. This year's event will be held at the Montauk Yacht Club and all...
  4. Striper247 Events
    Dream: Do you ever think about fishing at work? Do you ever wish that you could fish for a living? :whistle: Reality: I was at work one day and my cube-mate came into the office and gave his notice. I just about fell off my seat when he told me that he was opening up his own fishing charter...
1-4 of 4 Results