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  1. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Tom has decided to shorten the contest this year. THIS YEAR'S EVENT STARTS AT 12:01 A.M. ON APRIL 21st AND ENDS AT NOON ON MAY 31st. It's fine with me because by April 25th, I'll have it all but won!
  2. Hudson River
    For all of you that have been doing this for years, do you think this will be a quick season? I have the next four Tuesday's off for striper season but thinking of doing Tuesday Thursday for next two weeks. Any thoughts? River was 57 in Albany yesterday
  3. Massachusetts
    "Stripers Forever members - anglers in Maryland have had enough of gill nets in Chesapeake Bay - amen to that - and have put together an online petition to abolish them for presentation to MD officials. They have also started a manual version and secured over 800 signatures at a fishing show in...
  4. Poaching in Maryland Virginia and North Carolina
    ■ 15 February 2011 | 8:27 PM LeeTolliver Hampton Road outdoors After NC's Rockfish vote, maybe it's time for a change Let me start this by saying that I have absolutely nothing whatsoever against the commercial fishing industry. Whether you believe that or not is of no concern to me. It's...
  5. Images and Pictures
    Your attitude towards life defines not only who you are, but the quality of life you are after. Whatever it is that has been bugging you, doesn't seem so bad anymore, does it? If only we all could have the spirit that this little boy has!
  6. The Striper Forum
    Is there any relationship between a change from sunny to cloudy and what the stripers will do? Do they go shallower when it get's cloudy? Do they like channels versus shoreline? Thanks! John:icon_pirate:
  7. Saltwater Licence Registry Links/Regulations/Laws
    not sure how many people this will effect but there is one law changed, I heard a rumor about it when I got home today and went to the dec office in new paltz and got it confirmed. YOU ARE NOW ALLOWED TO HAVE NO MORE THAN 100 HERRING IN YOUR POSSESION, DEAD OR ALIVE!!!! Like I said, I'm not...
  8. Massachusetts
    Link By Rich Eldred Fri Jan 30, 2009 Good bait means a good catch and bait fishing rules in Massachusetts are up for an overhaul. Fishermen from Cape Cod and all points south of Boston worried about new restrictions on surface gill nets, pondered a revival of purse seining and tossed comments...
  9. Hudson River
    The fee had gone up to $15. Seems a little steep, but with a 100% payback, it could be well worth it.
  10. Kayaking Stripers
    Cause this guy probably needed to !
  11. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    any insight or help to change drag washers from my new Saltist 30H reel to Carbontex washers washers are currently being mailed along with Cals grease current drag on reel is light
  12. New Jersey
    OK - We've all fished with folks that when it comes to ability and common sense they make a Googan look good. Now think about that one guy that fits that description that you have had the major misfortune to be out fishing with. I'll start it off with my candidate as the one guy who should...
  13. The Striper Forum
    OK guys I know I will get the same responses from everyone... "More fish, More People" But seriously, for those who have attended one (or more) of these things what would you like to see change? The Gunny and I have a ton of thoughts that he's trying to put into place, but what are your ideas...
  14. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    Well i just called a friend at the region 4 office and he told me that shad will be only catch and release only ''AGAIN REGION 4 DEC LAW ENFORCEMANT OFFICER TOLD ME THIS mumum.gifcall for your self
  15. The Striper Forum
    There is hope for us yet? Saltwater Burning as fuel Lets hope the big company that buys his invention isnt an oil company.
  16. Massachusetts
    News from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department January 23, 2007 Phone: (603) 271-3211 Email: [email protected] For information and online licenses, visit * * * * * * * CONTACT: John Nelson: (603) 868-1095 Douglas Grout: (603) 868-1095 Jane...
  17. Texas Stripers
    A change in striper limits proposed BY JESSICA RICHARDSON HERALD DEMOCRAT POTTSBORO — The new year could bring a statewide striped bass regulation change if the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission votes in favor of doubling the possession limit. Bruce Hysmith, TPWD fisheries biologist...
1-17 of 23 Results