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  1. Vendor Deals
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  3. Hudson River
    I see all of the normal yearly tournaments but still think a Catch and Release one would be cool.What are your thoughts?I say friendly as in for 0$$ and just some good old fashioned bragging rights chop bustin.Maybe a title?Could be fun.
  4. Hudson River
    I rarely drift. And I don't catch a whole lot. For you guys who catch more than me (8 this year in the boat), do you catch more drifting or anchored? Or does it matter? Going tomorrow. And thereafter until the cottonwood flies. So, your advice would be appreciated.
  5. Hudson River
    Am I the only one who gets as much of a thrill out of being there when someone else catches a striper as catching one myself? It's a rush for me either way. My son caught his first-a 28" male-two years ago and I was as happy as the day I caught my first. I like netting them too. My girlfriend...
  6. Delaware River
    Well its been 2 years now and i ve been trying to catch my first's great fishing...but i'm starting to get alittle frustrated...Iwanted to try and catch one in the upper delaware river above has'nt happened...I've been talking to my fishing buddy and he said it's time to...
  7. Vendor Deals
    Swamp Stallion Fishing Adventures is expanding! Sometimes it is difficult to book multiple trips when I am running by myself or have something planned that day. I am working with Captain Sal Fontana to get my customers out on the water and Captain Sal has been great! Recently he took out the...
  8. Massachusetts
    whats the best bet for getting out of this situation with a bass that lives as long as it normally would? Caught a really nice bass this morning and the tail end of my plug caught some of the eye lining. The middle of they eye wasnt hooked directly but some of the lens and such was, and the...
  9. Blogs
    New blog article: Catch Me If You Can
  10. Surfcasting Central
    I go fishing in both rhode island and connecticut from shore and on my boat. The beach i go to in rhode island is called quonny beach and is right between the quonny salt pond and the ocean. There is a channel that leads from the pond to the ocean and i have seen people catch stripers at the...
  11. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Hit the water solo at first light. Found a dead herring floating at the ramp and threw it in the live well not knowing what the day might bring. Luckily had no problem getting herring on the rig early. After 10 it became impossible. Got 3 stripes 32",33, 35. And a bonus walleye 28.5" and a new...
  12. Hudson River
    Since you cant use Nets now, Do you use just a straight sibaki rig? (one with all the hooks) No bait or anything? What kinda rod? Has anyone seen them in the Fishkill creek or just the wappingers creek? Mike
  13. Saltwater Species
    Hey guys, whats up, I'm new to here. I just wanted to share something that I tried out that works, and as far as I know of, know one else uses. Sorry if this is some old method. I was fishing off of Ocean Breeze pier in Staten Island, using spearing and squid. I had been there for a while, and...
  14. Surfcasting Central
    what and the f do i put in the cage to catch these lilttle shits???ive tryed everything never can catch the i know there there i seen another guy getin them how do i?
  15. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I am new to the site and to striper fishing as well. I have caught wipers on lake Monroe as a kid (shore fishing) but I am trying to teach myself a new skill and would be interested in any tips related to catching stripers out of the boat. I am a seasoned bass fisherman, have a boat with all...
  16. Hudson River
    first worm, first cast, 20 minutes in... had the bait runner set on the penn slammer... ziiiippppppp! 38.5" 22.3 lb from shore, hand lipped. edit: move to hudson river forum please
  17. The Striper Forum
    Is using sabaki rigs to catch herring for bait legal??
  18. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    HOUSTON, TX - Following its meeting March 28-29 in Tampa, Florida, the Limited Access Privilege Program (LAPP) Advisory Panel to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council is presenting a suite of options at the Gulf Council meeting next week to aid the struggling charter/for-hire industry...
  19. The Striper Forum
    The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's (ASMFC) Striped Bass Management Board has initiated development of a draft addendum aimed at reducing the mortality of striped bass coastwide by up to 40% and further protecting the species' spawning stock when it is concentrated and vulnerable...
1-19 of 91 Results