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  1. Maine
    I have a couple spots picked out that I would like to look at for taking my kayak into for stripers and plan a little recon this friday if time allows it. I just went to Joppa a couple weeks ago and it has me hooked it the flatts fishing. I have the NOAA charts for the Cousins and Royal area...
  2. Maine
    looking to head out to an island via casco bay ferry to fish for the day.any info on wich island has good public,fishable access they all seem to have interesting spots just not sure about being able to access them.thanksconfused.gif
  3. New Member Introductions
    ... Hello everybody. I have just put my line in the water for the first time this summer, and I am looking for hot spots in and around Casco Bay. If anyone has any advice I will be thankful. Thank You, Whitty
  4. Massachusetts
    I'm headed up to Bath for the weekend and was hoping to hear good news about the fishing. Anyone know how it is right now? Any suggestions on what to try? I'm a beginner so any help is much appreciated. thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results