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  1. New Member Introductions
    Been fishing for years! Absolutely love fishing for striped bass! I'm o the Nitrhumbeland straight, on the New-Brunswick side of the Gulf of St-Laurence! I would love to here from anyone with any questions, techniques, anything related to striper fishing! I don't have a boat, don't do surf...
  2. The Striper Forum
    Been a long time since Ive posted,lotsa new names!The Prespawners are showin up in Nova Scotia in #s.gonna get at em soon!?????/anyone know where I can buy bloodworms in Canada, or US thatll ship?Them spawners love em!thebirdman.gif
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm Mat, from New Brunswick, Canada. I spent a lot of time over the past couple years chasing trout on a 3wt & occasionally Atlantic salmon. Now I'm all about saltwater species, and, more importantly, stripers. We have them in our river 4 minutes drive away & along our southern coast...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Live in Ontario Canada,heading down through the States in July for a vacation and am looking forward to some striper fishing along the way.Great site!! Ontarian
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone....Just like to say hello from New Brunswick canada.... A few buddies and I primarily fish from our kayaks in the St John river system here in NB but never have gone after stripers. I am still fairly new to kayak fishing but have been fishing all my life. This looks like a great...
  6. Striper247 Events
    Let's do it Jim and Gunny July 4th weekend. The tides are high 8:12,9:11,10:04 AM and 8:30,9:22,10:10 PM. Sako and OOB. We will have to start planing if we want to get a better campground this year and that date is good.
  7. New Member Introductions
    Not much salwater fishing in Alberta, but we do have Rocky mountains and lots of them. Like the forum and would love to do some more saltwater fishing on my future trips to the south, I am sure this site is full of good information. I build rods with a friend of mine, we are busy with orders...
  8. Massachusetts
    Wild Dave couldnt have picked a worst week to come down, relentless storms, heavy wind, rain and fog made for a miseable week...Monday night into Tuesday looked like a good slot, although the clouds treatend at times we ended up having a decent night weather wise, because of the uncertainty in...
  9. Striper247 Events
    Let the planing begin! Team USA vs. Team CANADA '09. It's your show Gunny you pick the time and place. We're count the days up here in Canada til we can fish with you guys again.:a_goodjob::a_goodjob::a_goodjob::canada:
  10. Canada
    This is it guys the Island's rumbling. The tides are great Aug 8,9,&10 (four tides fishing derby),were're going to start picking for team Canada'09. The venue is 8-8-8 at THE BAY. Ten Lucky people will be picked to represent TEAN CANADA'09 against TEAM USA in 2009. Details will follow, PM or...
  11. Striper247 Events
    I WANT A REMATCH... Im sure Dave and The boys will be back down again for the next one... Maybe we can get some more to represent the red, white and blue since Im sure the canucks will be down in full force... There is no way this won't be an annual event... See ya next year BryanL
  12. Massachusetts
    Let's try and get a team together and make it to Maine in June. Anyone who is interested PM me and I'll start making plans to make the trip as ecomonical as possible, maybe some group transportation or at least take advantage of our strong dollar before it drops again. Heck Cabela's will be open...
  13. Maine
    OK Maineiacs, I'm thinking Saco River/OOB Late June before the 4th of July or 2nd week of July after the forth. PM me with you recommendations. Date set: June 27/28/29. I will call for campground and motel info this week and post it.
  14. Canada
    I have just started fishing Stripers in Nova Scotia, Canada in Lower Canard, Bay of Funday and I have been to the Guzzle, haven't fished it yet. Is there anyone that knows of any other good spots for stripers in Nova Scotia and drictions to get there.
  15. Canada
    Hello all you striper fanatics from the Atlantic province of Nova scotia.This looks like a great site with the motherload of info!!!The stripers are starting to heat up a bit here and my buddy and I both caught keepers already.They were both our first keeper sized fish in a long time.Mine was...
1-16 of 17 Results