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  1. The Striper Forum
    Has anyone been out in Buzzards bay recently? Any luck? Having trouble finding fish as always!
  2. Boaters Forum
    I'm looking for some advice. I live about halfway between these 2 locations and can't seem to make up my mind where I should keep my 21' boat for the upcoming season. I definitely want to reduce the wear and tear on my vehicle so I need to make a decision. I am mainly a striper fisherman and...
  3. Massachusetts
    I know I am walking a very thin line on this one so let me say it first. It seems I am the only one in the family that is die hard and its becoming very frustrating. They ask what time I want to go out and I say 2AM or 4AM and its blank stares followed by a 20 min conversation of why. Is...
  4. Massachusetts
    Let me first say this, I am not looking for honey holes. This is my first year fishing off a boat and I need to know when does the fall run hit Buzzards Bay? The in-laws closed up the cape house and I am trying to give them a date when I'll be pulling the boat. This date will depend on when...
  5. Massachusetts
    BBAC is holding its monthly meeting this Thursday the 13th at 7PM at the Kinsale Inn on Water St in Mattapoisett MA.All are welcome.Our speaker this month is Steve Shiraka Writer ,artist and striper fisherman . So come on down pick up some info , meet some new friends and have a good time.
  6. Massachusetts
    Saturday winds gusted to 82mph at my house. Went across the street to water to see 10-15' rollers, very impressive. Wind took me off my feet. Power went out at 3pm. Sunday no power. Found a few lures on beach at dawn. Monday, still no power, bait piled up around my jetty. Fished for a while...
  7. The Striper Forum
    Buzzards Bay Anglers Club will be holding its November meeting on thursday the 8th at the Kinsale Inn In Mattapoisett,MA at 7PM. This months speaker will be Ron Z of RonZ Lures. All are welcome . See our website www.buzzardsbayanglersclub for directions . :cheers:
  8. Cape Cod Canal
    Just to let people know that The Buzzards Bay Anglers Club Meets the second Thursday of the month at the Kinsale Inn @ 7 PM on water ST. in Mattapoisett MA. Its a good cross section of folks who fish Buzzards Bay , the Canal, Elizabeth Islands and some even run offshore. We have different...
  9. Massachusetts
    Been working WAY too much this summer (14-15 hour days starting at 0530). Anyway, I had been watching birds working all day in front of my house so I forced my buddy to take me fishing after he got out of work. We immediately got into the Blues and started filling the tote until they stole...
  10. Massachusetts
    Hello to all the folks on this site.I was told this site might be able to help me out.I'm planning a trip this summer to Buzzards Bay area to fish for Large Black Sea bass.I need info about the area,like location of boat ramps,Good food,Bait and tackle shops,and a cheap hotel.Any input would be...
  11. Massachusetts
    At sunset last night I was was watching lots of finning just off the beach. The Ospreys are eating very well.
  12. Massachusetts
    Went over to the beach last night facing Buzzards Bay. The beach was littered with dead Menhaden. For giggles I put some on a circle hook and tossed it off the jetty. Within seconds it was taken. I was unable to hook anything though. I hear the canal is feverish. Of course Molly's fish is now...
  13. Massachusetts
    So I replaced the mono line on my light rod with Power Pro. The instructions say to let out the line several times before using so as to ?set? the line onto to reel. After dinner I walked across the street to do just that. It?s dusk and calm. I placed a new lure on the line and set about to...
  14. Massachusetts
    So I was on my way last night to watch the P Bruins in the semi finals. As I pulled out of my driveway I saw terns (100+) working across the street. I stopped and walked over. The bait was pressed 15' from shore and I could see big dark shadows race across the tops of the waves. Of course the...
  15. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    You fisherman that fish the bay ,can you tell me what types of fish you have been catching I like to know,last year I caught some spanish mackerel,little tunny,seabass,bluefish and strippers. I didn,t catch any squeteague (WINGS COVE OR AROUND BIRD ISLAND) or bonito in buzzards bay WHAT HAVE...
  16. Massachusetts
    whats hot in buzzards bay sea sea rider e-mail me
1-16 of 16 Results