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  1. Hudson River
    Anyoneone know where to get sands or bloods besides ceeleys. They seem to be hard to come by this year. I want to fish on Friday and ceeleys said they will be sold out. I live 3hrs west of Newburg. Thanks
  2. Hudson River
    Hey guys--first post as a new member. Where can I go buy fresh herring? I'm in the Albany area and I'll be fishing somewhere tomorrow between Albany and Catskill (prob East Greenbush). I know to go for herring myself and I'll certainly try, but I am worried I might not be able to get them...
  3. Boaters Forum
    Hey Striper People! I have no idea if they allow this buy i am looking into buying a fishing boat for stripers. One of my friends and i were looking for a small 20 ft center console project boat. We will consider boats smaller than 25feet. It must come with a trailer. Thanks. If anythiing i...
  4. Massachusetts
    I was wondering where I could buy a flat of mackerel in massachusetts have not found anywhere yet (capecod) if anyone knows where I could buy a flat of mackerel that would be great
  5. Hudson River
    After reading river basins report about the license changes, it says we have to register with DECALS, can someone tell me how i can do that?
  6. Plugs and Plug Building
  7. All Time Best Threads
    O.K. guys, I need some suggestions........ I have a dear lifelong friend who is considering buying his first boat. To give you some background. I have been in boating for about 15 years. During that period of time I have had numerous boats starting with a Bayliner, Imperial, Grady White to now...
  8. The Striper Forum
    So the winter seems to have been really long, so I found myself spending alot of time on EBAY...... I bought so many Lures, Plugs,Swimmers, etc....... Now I need a bigger Tackle Box....what a mo mo !
  9. Rhode Island Fishing
    this is my first time posting to the rhode island section, I am going to be buying a 28' boat in westerly, it is already in the water but I will need to move it to a different marina. Do you guys suggest any marinas in the area of westerly that wont be to tough on the wallet for both the slip...
  10. Hudson River
    Hey guys, I do alot of fishing out of Newburgh and usually fish with Bloods and Sands. We slammed the stripers last year, but this year not so much. I'm looking to buy some eels or Herring. I live 7 miles from NJ where there are no regs. on bait. Does anyone know where I can buy some either...
  11. Hudson River
    Any input on where I can buy herring and/or blood worms in the immediate Poughkeepsie area? Thanks in advance - going out to wet the lines with my 3 year old son for the first time this year which should be interesting!
  12. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    I am looking to get a new spinning reel for surfcasting. I mostly chunk (clam, fish, squid etc.). I have a Daiwa Eliminator 10' rod (1-6 ounce,14-40 lb). Hoping to spend 50-100 bucks. Also wondering if a "baitrunning" option is something I should get on the reel? Looking to use braid (advice on...
  13. Surfcasting Central
    i want to buy a new surf rod for spinning and need some advice on what type to get. I am usually bait fishing with bunker chunks or big clams off a beach with 2-5 oz sinkers most of the time. My current rod is not a true surf rod i guess. It's a shimano fx 9' rated med/heavy, up to 25lb line...
  14. Hudson River
    Do you guys know of any bait shops in the Albany area that sell Live Herring?? I haven't been able to find any that still sell it after DEC's dumb$%@ regulation against selling Live Herring. I know Conroy's sells, frozen herring, but it doesn't hold on the hook well and I don't think its a very...
  15. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    I don't know about anyone else, but I'll go out and buy a brand new reel or two and then go use my old Z's, and go and sell the unused reels next year. I guess I buy on Impulse. :lol: :)
  16. Massachusetts
    Hey guys...I was wondering if anyone knows of any place in or close to NH to buy large quanities of bait like mackerel or herring? Also, does anyone know where if possible to buy live macks or herring for bait? Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance... BTW..went fishin last...
  17. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Hey guys. I am new to the board and fairly new to fishing for stripers. Originally from Norfolk, Va. I have fished the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and off of the beaches of the OBX for several years. I now live in Charlotte and the majority of my fishing is done with a flyrod in the...
1-17 of 20 Results