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  1. Buy - Sell - Trade
    I am having a very hard time finding Redfin #10s here in Tennessee for Tennessee River striper fishing! Does anyone know an online source for these lures. White body with red head is what I'm looking for. Thanks Folks!
  2. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Hey guys, Plain and simple low on lead and need to make some new jigs and sinkers. Looking for lead, doesn't matter if its old beat up sinkers, blocks, in sheet form I don't mind. If you have some just call or text 908 227 5747 Thanks Ryan
  3. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Hi All- I'm in the market for a fishing kayak, used or new. I had to sell the boat and am not in position to buy another for a few seasons. I'm looking for a solid kayak to do some fishing from. Mostly throwing plugs, trolling, drifting some eels, etc. I'm located in CT...
  4. Vendor Deals
    Pelagic Outfitters is proud to announce the introduction of Fin-Nor to our product line. From its legendary Santiago to its modern "small package big capability" Marquesa, there is something in the line up that will fit your needs quite well. Now for the Promotion! Purchase any Santiago reel...
  5. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I been looking at a lot of reels. Used ones and New Ones. I been looking from Walmart to Ebay to craigslist. Ive done some reading but i still dont know what to get. I found the rod i am going to get. Its inexpensive and i think it will get the job done for what i expect to catch. (Shakespeare...
  6. The Striper Forum
    Going to get a new reel in the next day or two and looking for opinions from you guys. I fish the beach and inlets for stripers here in DE and looking for sugestions on which Penn to get. I looked at there web site but still not sure. I have PP50 on my other real now. I would use the new reel...
  7. Buy - Sell - Trade
    hi guys looking to buy a penn spinfisher 705 please post or email me pics at [email protected] thanks sean
  8. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    This must sound like such a beginners question, but how does one figure out what size to buy the different components of a setup? I read up on here, wrote a list of different stuff to buy, hooks, swivel barrels, etc, went to Dicks' and was overwhelmed with the stuff that everything comes in...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Im a dumass
  10. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Looking to purchase a spinning reel for my 10' Shakespeare for slinging eels from jetties/rivers/shore etc. Budget is tight after stocking up on supplies for the upcoming season and I can't find anything in my price range. Looking for a reel capable of holding 200-250 yards of 30 lb mono/50 lb...
  11. Hudson River
    I bought a bunch a few years back I only have a couple left and I can't find them now. Any help would be great. Thanks
  12. Delaware River
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  13. Boaters Forum
    I'm looking for a newer 17' to 19' aluminum boat. Prefer dual console but would consider center console. Engine should be 90HP or less. Something seaworthy for close to shore LIS.
  14. Boating Beginners
    Im looking to buy a new baitcaster, mainly for stripers/blues/flounder/tog all fishing off a boat or pier. I've done some homework and for my $150-$180 budget range I'm leaning towards the Shimano Tekota 300. Maybe couple it with a 7' MH Ugly Stick. While I don't need to cast from a boat, I do...
  15. Surfcasting Central
    I want to buy a new surf rod for this fall run. I have a st.croix 10' triumph surf rod that I like but now ever since my wife caught a 25lber on the beach she wants her own rod. So I figured I would give her mine and buy myself a new one. When she's around we mainly just throw fish finder rigs...
  16. Boating Beginners
    Im starting to fish in freshwater at cumberland and 150ft is max ill be fishing. Im stumped on which lowrance unit to buy. I only want to spend around 200$ and noticed i could get a new x96 or used x85. I just wanted to ask you guys to see what your advice is. Thanks
  17. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    So in my inexplainable impluse nature i went to bps for some tackle and a new reel( i bought a 525mag) thats all i wanted. But i found my self as the new owner of a 12' team allstar big boy graphite casting rod.... Now i have read some of the post here before i bought it and the name and rod...
  18. Hudson River
    Haven't had much luck yet with the sabiki...Where do you get a stoolie,and what are the rules to using one ?? Blumaxx:einstein:
  19. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Hey Guys, Starting a bigger collection. Looking for vintage old lures. Prefer beat to hell, But will take anything. Would accept: No eyes, cracked, no wire, missing hardware, repaints and anything along those lines. Will also take in new condition. Looking for old atoms, creek chubs, mussos, old...
  20. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    looking for info on where to buy tackle for stripers name of catalogs woulld be helpful.
1-20 of 52 Results