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  1. New Jersey
    battleax.gif I have my Opinion what is yours. Is it just in ones mind where in New Jersey is there a Secret spot I refer to The Raritan Bay and Rivers Sandy Hook bay and shore line and surf To Manasquan. Where 1000s fish and News papers. Web sites. TV. Radio. Mag. not to Leave out close to 20 or...
  2. Hudson River
    Guys,,, Please try to keep the locations in your reports general. Being too specific with your locations is only to YOUR detriment. Spot Burning is not allowed on this board for very good reason. Thanks!
  3. Massachusetts
    Fishing: Striper fishing at the Mousam River in Maine Bill Thompson ? They say that ?time and tide waits for no man? and last Sunday the tide and time was right for Janet and I. This would be the first time since last June that Janet and I would enjoy the luxury of having a day off together. As...
1-3 of 5 Results