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  1. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Selling NEW Never used VMC Wide Gap Worm Hooks, VanadiumSteel Needle Point hooks, Black Nickel Finish. There are 330 hooks 3/0 size. 318 hooks 2/0 size. Like to sell all together $25.00 Picture is attached. If you're interested shot me PM or email me at [email protected] Thanks Jim Ewing NJ.
  2. The Striper Forum
    Does anyone know where can i buy live eels in bulk - New Jersey, PA or New York
  3. Massachusetts
    Anyone know where to get bulk bait for lobster pots. Im in the hingham area and not sure where i can buy it in bulk. Thanks Matt
  4. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    My local resource doesn't have the sassy shad imitations in bulk packs anymore, and I'm almost out. Can anyone point me to the best location online for sassy shad (swim tail) plastics? Looking for bulk packs (50 - 100). I used to be able to pick them up locally for 6.99 a bag of 100! Thanks guys.
  5. DelMarVA
    Could someone direct me to where I may be able to purchase 2000+ live Spots in the Chesapeake Bay area, to use as Striper Bait. We now have large tanks with oxygenators so we wanted to purchase directly and truck them back ourselves. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Massachusetts
    Hey guys...I was wondering if anyone knows of any place in or close to NH to buy large quanities of bait like mackerel or herring? Also, does anyone know where if possible to buy live macks or herring for bait? Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance... BTW..went fishin last...
  7. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    I needed to pick up a few things so I figured if pick them up at the bait shop on the way out yesturday. All i needed was a couple packets of swivels a couple packets of hooks and 10 sinkers and the bill came to like 20$... Where can i get some of this in bulk? Im looking for packages of...
1-7 of 7 Results