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  1. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I guess pork rinds are no more. What are surfcasters using for bucktail jig trailers? I'll be looking for the arrival of the migration on Plum Island in MA and want to get my gear ready. Thanks for your tips in advance!!
  2. The Striper Forum
    The goal of my new shop is to provide affordable and reliable fishing gear that anyone can afford. The shop features bucktails, flies and rigs at great prices. Bucktails are only $3.99!!!!! tell me what you think
  3. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    I am looking for some help tying bucktail to a snelled Gamy 9/0 Octopus hook. I use the lure I have made for flounder and have had great success. I use a 6/0 or 8/0 Gamy octopus for flounder, but wish to use bucktail on the 9/0 version for stripers. I use 50 LB Floro as a leader on my lure that...
  4. The Striper Forum
    Shot late April in a South Shore L.I. bay. Bay bucktailing for stripers.
  5. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    The only teasers i find are the ones without hooks, do you just put the dropper loop through and attach the hook? wouldnt the teaser slide up and down the dropper loop away from the hook or do i really need to find the ones with the hook
  6. Plugs and Plug Building
    I've got a mess of Bucktail jigs to tie up, how many jigs can I get per Bucktail on average? I there a cheap source for them online? Thanks
  7. Plugs and Plug Building
    Hey all I'm looking to cast some bucktails for stripers in 1 oz, but I'm not sure which hooks would be best. Some are, of course, better than others in strength and sharpness, what are the better makes and models? Thanks Kb
  8. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Hey everyone, I just finished reading Doc Muller's book "The Ultimate Guide to Fishing With Bucktails". First off, the book is great and I highly recommend it to anybody interested in the most versatile lure ever made. My question: Are modern version of the original bucktail as effective...
  9. The Striper Forum
    A look at bucktailing between the rocks. Goes along with Chapter 7. in my book, Fishing the Bucktail. Rocky Beach Bucktailing
  10. Plugs and Plug Building
    This may be in the wrong forum, but couldn't find the answer using the search mode. I have some bucktails that the paint has been sanded off parts of the head from bumping across the sandy bottom of the surf. What kind of paint do you use to repaint/touch them up? Where do you get it? Thanks...
  11. Trolling for Stripers
    For example ~ when using a 3 oz. bucktail, and you want to run at a depth of 20 feet, when adding an inline sinker do you take in account the 3 oz. lure? example ~ to get to 10 oz., should I use a 7 oz. sinker with a 3 oz. lure? I am using 30 lb. mono, 30 ft. long leader.
  12. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    hey guys i plan on casting some jigs this weekend what size do you use?
  13. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Lot-1..6 Custom Buctails 1oz powder coated with Mustad H/Duty 6/0's hooks.$25 add $5 to ship. If you use paypal payment and purchase as personal gift so theirs no fees.Will take m/oder and or check too.Thanks Smoke Lot-2..6 Custom Buctails 11/2oz powder coated with Mustad H/Duty 7/0's hooks.$27...
  14. Plugs and Plug Building
    Does anyone have any idea of a vice that can hold a 7/0 bucktail? I did a search and I saw some people recommended Renzetti. I dont have that kind of money right now. Anyone have a homemade solution or know of a cheaper vice. Thanks JD
  15. Plugs and Plug Building
    I am looking into pouring and tying my own bucktails for a winter project. I figured it is a good place to start until I get the plug shop up and going. I have done a search a couple times and have found out that all white, white/red and chartreuse are the more popular colors. The question I...
  16. Plugs and Plug Building
    well, i got myself a lead pot from a friend and some molds so i figured i would give it a try. they aren't pretty, but it could be worse i suppose. my problem is that when i am tying them, the threads seem to shift a bit, which isnt a big deal except i was trying for certain placement on the...
  17. New York
    I got my first bucktails four years ago didn't catch any bass on them so they sat in my bag. I would take one out every now and again but nothing. A friend of mine here on the Island who is a bucktail Jedi master has shown me how to properly use them. last week I got five keeper fish on the...
  18. Contest Forum
    Hey , Since the gov likes good looking hookers , i thought i would do a GSB giveraway .... 4 Bucks up for grab === 3/4 oz White 1 oz Blackfish 1.5 oz Sand Eel 5 oz Parott All i need is a 'Im in and that will do Contest ends 12 noon Sat Mikey
  19. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Hey I am looking for 2 Experienced Bucktail fisherman for a little experiment PM or Email Me @ [email protected] Thanks Mikey
  20. The Striper Forum
    Im new to these lures and I was wondering what brands are the best to buy and how/when to correctly fish this lure. Im in CT right now im waiting for may and im stocking up on bombers and topwater plugs and wildeye shads. these work great for me. I also love the creek chub topwater lures and...
1-20 of 28 Results