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  1. Hunting / Game
    hanging on the wall at the jersey show:lff3:
  2. Hunting / Game
    I decided to take off from work today, got lucky early this morning when he decided to come in to my corn pile. I haven't seen this fella around before but glad he decided to cross my path.
  3. Hunting / Game
    Original Story 10 - 18 -2006 The buck that John Schmucker killed the opening day of bow season is pictured above. After deductions, its rack scored an amazing 295-7/8 (preliminary). The Amish Buck By TOM CROSS Sportsmen Exit The Amish buck had a home and John Schmucker knew his address...
  4. Hunting / Game
    SHOOT him on sight :lff3::lff3::lff3:gun seaseon starts on sat boys
  5. Hunting / Game
    Hey guys today was MA opening day archery and i decided to take some time off from trying to be a striper fisherman and go hunting. this is my 2nd deer ever(started hunting in 2006) and my first buck. the first was a 70 lb doe(skipper) also a bow kill. so this is my little 3 point. i am on the...
  6. Buy - Sell - Trade
    I am looking for as many large Tails as i can get ...i dont need dyed tails all Nataural .. I dye my own ! I have 2000 heads that will be ready in 2 weeks and i need to prep Thanks Mikey
  7. Hunting / Game
    My hunting partner took a beauty yesterday afternoon. The deer was taken on a drive. The buck let the six does with him come out first before he popped out in the open. Someone forgot to tell the buck that doe season was over in Zone L. Don't give up on those mature whitetail bucks yet. They...
  8. Plugs and Plug Building
    Does anyone know where to get good buck tails. I know about cabelas but havent tried others. how about net craft anyone have any success with them? I did get one in Kittrey but it bled all over the place. angry4.gif Thanks Mike
  9. Hunting / Game
    Here is a pic of my Brother Mike with his 10 point Blackpowder buck shot at 11:10 am. on opener day. It field dressed 198 lbs. and had a 21" spread he was an old deer cause his teeth were almost worn out. It is very warm for our season to be hunting you have to get em cooled down fast sitting in...
  10. Hunting / Game
    Got a call Sunday night from my brother in law. He had just recovered his buck. Just got the pics this morning. He got a beauty. Great job Darel. It is a blessing to have married into a hunting family. I am very proud of you. 09-16-07 8 point 159 lbs
  11. The Striper Forum
    HOw do you use Buck tails?
1-11 of 12 Results