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  1. New York
    Hows the fishing in city island up to rye?
  2. Hudson River
    Has anyone had luck between the G.W. Bridge and Yonkers? If so what have you been using? Have you seen any herring this far south? I;m fishing from the Riverdale area and I'm getting skunked
  3. New York
    Just wondering, new to the site and just starting to learn my way around it . I see all differnt forums and locations just trying to see if there are members that fish the throggs neck area both sides are fine but I fish from the bronx and new rochelle to CT sides usually! I haven't seen to...
  4. New York
    Anyone have any good spots to fish for stripers, blues or porgys from shore in the Bronx this time of year.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi Fello Fishers, I am visiting New York and will be based about 5 mins drive away from City Island. Is the fishing any good in the winter? and where and how can i find info on shore/beach fishing. I am an ex angling boat skipper based in the south east of England. If everything goes to plan i...
  6. Surfcasting Central
    In the last week or so ive been hearing of keepers being caught in numbers from the surf. the bunker is gone from the area and im not sure if its still a viable bait gonna try live eels at one of my spots tomorrow night along with bunker and clams but im wondering if anyone has tried eeling...
  7. Surfcasting Central
    this is my first season of aggressively fishing stripers and am happy to say that ive cought a few beautiful fish and a fair share of keepers as well as blues....lots of blues. if anyone knows any spots their willing to share id be willing to trade the few i know that have been productive
  8. New Jersey
    Does anyone know any good surfcasting spots in the Bronx, City Island, Throggs Neck areas? I went to Turtle Cove just before City Island yesterday afternoon and caught a couple blues but that was it.
  9. New York
    Specifically City Island area? I live so close but I've always fished LI. I'm only starting to learn some Bronx spots for shore fishing for Stripers in particular.
1-9 of 9 Results