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  1. The Striper Forum
    Briggs (Craig) says he'll be back in about 4 years and if anybody would like to write to him or "please send any pictures of him or anyone" to: Craig Greenslade #136862 AL-2T Medium One P.O box 8274 Cranston, R.I. 02920 and "thank you for your support". Seems like a nice guy & loves to...
  2. Surfcasting Central
  3. Massachusetts
    Anyone heard from our absentee Moderator lately? I miss his humor. Thought he'd show up more this winter. Hope everything is OK.
  4. Massachusetts
    Got out this morning, took me about 2 hours to cover a a few miles before I hooked up with Briggs. Briggs and I were going to hook up with another friend Mike (lost pole) and head out to open water. Mike and I put in at our local ramp and the fogs was thick as I have ever seen. I blew the horn...
  5. Massachusetts
    Was out there last night and hooked up with Briggs, he had already boated a bass over 30lbs and while we were working the area together we boated another few good looking fish. We had a good night out there last night and when he headed off for his dock I had to cross the bay to get back home...
  6. Massachusetts
    Just wanted to let you guys know Briggs will be back and he still likes all you guys lol... He wanted me to let you know the new house still needs the phone to be turned on and they are going to be out this week to wire it all up for him and took a little longer than he thought for a new town /...
  7. Massachusetts
    I'm sure you saw the RISAA post also, thought I'd share like you always say.. don't let anyone say the bigs ones aren't around early 5pm a guy caughts a 40" striper at the hurricane barrier Sunday night. posted by Ocean State Tackle - Funny thing was I was around on the boat close to that time...
  8. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    Welcome aboard Pete, Hey Briggs where did you steel that boat ?
  9. Massachusetts
    Do you know anything about the black sided bridge by Goat Island? :?:
1-9 of 15 Results