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  1. Hudson River
    Howdy folks, back again with some questions about leaders. I plan on spooling my rod with 40# test braid. I just assumed you had to use a leader with braid, but it occurred to me i had no idea why? I picked up some 50# test fluorocarbon to make fish finder rigs with for fishing chunk, but...
  2. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    Just picked up some pink braid line mainly for personal vision purposes. Anyone ever use it or have anything to say about it?
  3. The Striper Forum
    In order to save $ on the cost of braided line, does it make sense, instead of spooling a reel with 300yds. of braid, use 150yds of braid and 150yds of 50# backing.I fish the Hudson River,Albany,N.Y. using Penn bait casters.
  4. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Hello! I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma fishing for stripers in the Arkansas River. I'm very new to fishing for striped bass. I started last year. And so far it has been a blast! Thankfully the internet and youtube have a wealth of info to help me learn how to catch these guys. But I still have a...
  5. Hudson River
    iv always used mono but i had a hog break off last year. so i was thinking of using braid i know people say the fish can see braid but on a clear day the hudson has a vis of like 2 ft was just wondering if any one has any info if you have noticed a differance in bit using braid vs mono thanks in...
  6. Tackle Evaluation & Product review
    hello fellow hookers. ol gp just last month used braid for the first time. all you mono guys gotta switch. I cant believe how good it caSTS. I used 30 and 40 pound braid and it casts like 12 and 15 pound test mono. Just puttin in my 2 cents worth. ol gp
  7. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    What is everyone using to avoid cuts? I have used the sports tape, off shore gloves from bass pro. Thanks
  8. Hudson River
    I know this has been brought up on other posts, and I understand that with surf casting, especially when using braid, you should put on a shock leader (approximately 10lbs per every 1oz cast). Last year I spent my entire season not using a shock leader, and never had any break-offs and still...
  9. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    What is a good braid line for light tackle?
  10. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I am new to surf fishing so I may be doing something obviously wrong but I have lost two lures on back to back weekends due to my line breaking during casting. The first time, using braid line connected to a 15" fluorocarbon leader throwing a 2 1/4 oz plug. The line broke right at the albright...
  11. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Posted 4/12 I was going to try out this braid, I have and this is what I think so far 40lb test green. It seems a bit rougher on your finger casting, the dye comes off the line (filling spool) no different then the others. There is 1000 meters on the spool checked 3050 feet. Knot strength so...
  12. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Which is better? And does hi visible line deter fish? I'm going to be using a baitcasting reel.
  13. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    I'm thinking of trying out the braid coming out of China on my spinning rigs for Stripers in 40-50lb. Has anyone tried it out and if so any problems, you can't beat the price $40ish for a 1000 meters. It's 100 % Dyneema looks like either 5-6 strand. I've talked to guys that use it on...
  14. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Maybe my question is silly but I am new using braid (power pro) as main line (not new fishing btw). I use braid for bottom fish (fishfinder usually) and I use monofilament (tectan pro 26 lbs) for casting (jigs, spoons, flies, cranks...) well, I found my tectan pro line is not as good as I...
  15. View From The Beach
    by Rich Troxler Fishing with braid is a total paradigm shift from fishing with mono. From the process of spooling it on your reel, right through to landing fish, it is a totally different animal than mono. It has some huge advantages over mono, and some very real disadvantages as well, all to...
  16. Surfcasting Central
    So I mentioned in a different post that I just switched to braid as so far I love it … but so far I have been casting with a 10’ leader so I never touch the braid when I cast. I want to change my rig up and fish only a 2 foot leader attached with a swivel but I am a little confused /concerned...
  17. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Can anyone lend an opinion here? If a reel is rated for 250/12 mono will it hold 250yds of 12 dia. braid? This is with a reel that is braid ready(no backing) Any opinions will be appreciated Thanks
  18. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    I've always used Berkley Big Water mono. 15, 20, and 25. Why change what works? Well after all the hoopla about braid. I want to try it. Power Pro is where I'm leaning to. Now a few questions. I'm going with 300yds. What is the best color? Yellow, Red, Green.? How much backing do I put on the...
  19. The Striper Forum
    hey whats a good braid to mono knot i want to get rid of my swivel i'm kind of a newbe
  20. Buy - Sell - Trade
    I have a couple lures for sale they are brand new I have some Rapala X-Raps and also I have some YO-ZURI plus I have some Fire Line braid one 14lb one 50lb and two 30 lb please send email and i will send pic of what I have [email protected]
1-20 of 57 Results