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  1. Hudson River
    It was a decent striper season. Had a couple of great days w/multiple hook-ups and some days with zilcho. The fish were a little smaller this year averaging between 12 and 18 lbs....a few fish in the upper 20's w/ not 1 fish over 30lbs. Most memorable day was May 8th, landed 8 fish from 5:15...
  2. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    hey all was wondering what everybody use to keep there logs. i use a notebook have been looking for down loadable templates all fresh water any sites that you know about.all the sports stores by me sell fresh water ones. looking for saltwater our should just keep using notebooks. if anybody nows...
  3. Books and Guides
    I am about half way through reading the book "The Art of Surfcasting with Lures" by Zeno Hromin. Very informative and enlightening. I've learned a lot already just from reading it...which of course has no applied practical experience but I am working on that. 2 things. Have any of you read...
  4. Books and Guides
    A Season On The Edge - Stories From A Surfcaster's Year. John Skinner You can purchase this at any one of the following Long Island or Rhodie shops or directly from the shopping cart Rocky Point Fishing Stop Tightlines - Sag Harbor Causeway - LI Outdoorsman - Rockville Center...
  5. Books and Guides
    What are some of the best Surf Fishinbg Books you read?
  6. Books and Guides
    Hi there, Iwas wondering if you guys out there read fishing books. If so, do you care to recommend a few on saltwater and surf fishing to me? I have been waiting for Milt Rosko's The Complete Book of Saltwater Fishing for over 3 months but I guess it must be out of press or something. I was...
  7. Saltwater Species
    Massive tuna has date with record books It hasn't been certified as a N.C. record yet, but a mind-boggling bluefin tuna was caught Sunday off Morehead City.The fish weighed 845 pounds and measured 110 inches. It was taken by Pennsylvania angler Dennis Meinhart, who was trolling with a party...
  8. Reference Library
    The bookstore is unbelievable at the American fisheries society. Click on the bookstore and have a look at available titles. thumbsup.gif The culture and propogation of the striped bass and its hybrid
  9. Books and Guides
    Striper Fishing Books at
1-9 of 9 Results