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    2005 Hydra-Sports 2300 Bay Bolt 2005 Yamaha F225 TXRD (220 hrs) 2006 Loadmaster aluminum tandem axle trailer -Length- 23’ -Beam- 8’10” -Draft- 10” -Fuel Capacity- 77 Gal Lenco trim tabs 30 gal. leaning post live/bait well 20 gal. baitwell (rear) 25 and 30 amp Guest on board chargers...
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    I haven't been active for a while, so i might of missed any discussion....but i hadn't seen him on here so i was curious where he might of dissappeared to.
  3. The Lounge
    I'ts a day early and I wont be on linr tomorrow, but I want to wish my buddy and fishing pardner Jonny Bolt A happy "bass"day... Dont be drinkin too much "O" that rocky mountain John DenverPiss water Chick beer... I dont want ya to be hung over Sundeee night, we got Bassy;s to ketch!
  4. The Lounge
    this is not a flame, i thought it would be nice to debate you. quid pro quo 1.johnny how old are you? 2.why do you never accept responsibility for your disruptive comments on other sites and just dissapear after your done when there is more disscussion to be had? 3. why is it that almost every...
  5. Massachusetts
    Big fishin' pahty startin' Friday evening, July 1st, at the Trestle. Will probably be partying/fishing throughout the weekend. I just got a HUGE BAG of fireworks, so we have plenty of firepower. Bring your drinks of choice, herrin's to chunk, lawnchairs, and all the other necessary...
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  7. Massachusetts
    I got one! Left Hampton at about 2 and had to pick up my Nephew. Ventured down to Surfland on PI, dropped off a rod for some fixin', and picked up a new chunkin' rod. Then we ventured down to the jetties. It was dead, and the wind was too much, I didnt have a jacket. So we scouted out some other...
1-7 of 7 Results