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  1. The Striper Forum
    Share your action shots with us. I'll start. Here is a sluggo being removed from a 40" fish.
  2. Hudson River
    Police discover body of 40 yr old male in glenmont this am. That's terrible thoughts and prayers go out to this gentleman's family and friends. Don't no the situation but everyone please be safe when fishing, whether it's from boat or shore. God bless
  3. Hudson River Body pulled from Hudson River 04/21/2009 GREEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- State Police divers searching for a man who had jumped into the Hudson River over the weekend pulled a body from the water Tuesday...
  4. Chesapeake Bay
    any body know any good piers on the chesapeake bay
  5. Hudson River
    Was that anybody from the site here who found that body in the Hudson ? bad.gifbad.gif I don't ever want to experiance that !!! Atleast the family will have closure now.
  6. Hudson River
    I was just wondering if any one started catching them yet down bye nyc
  7. Buy - Sell - Trade
    This could be a thread worth visiting. Post up if you want to get rid of something or need something.
  8. Reference Library
    Body of 3rd victim found after boat capsizes off A.C. The News Journal Updated Thursday, November 29, 2007 at 4:40 pm Coast Guard Cutter Finback searches near the overturned fishing boat Knucklehead. U.S. Coast Guard The overturned vessel is a 25-foot pleasure boat called The Knucklehead...
  9. Hunting / Game
    just wondering if anyone goose hunts I went out on the first and got skunked they just and flying good .but it is like that every where around here .no where near normal
  10. Surfcasting Central
    Hello, I'm going to fishing this Sunday in Long Island NY. But I dont know where to .? Maybe Wilewood park in LIE 68 exit. If any body have better spot..? I want to learn fishing from an expert. Thanks Eric
  11. New York
    lots more bluefish (several tonight) with a scattered lot of schoolies
  12. DelMarVA
    For the longest time I've heard that the head of Bunker is best because it's the sturdiest, and the crabs take awhile to destroy them. But this year I noticed I caught my big fish on body chunk, I asked others and they too caught more on bodies than heads. Reading reports turned up the...
  13. New York
    Any one know anything about the body dumped or killed Sunday night at the bottom of seguine Avenue on SI. Halfshed tells me someone was stabbed 19 times and dumped at the old fishermens path on the back side of lemon creek. Apparently it was gang related and a secondary crime scene. I think...
1-14 of 16 Results