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  1. New Jersey
    We are running 2 P.M. Open Boats for Striped Bass. Thurs 5/16....2 spots left Fri 5/17......Trip is FULL Both trips are 2 p.m. - 8 p.m. and cost is 120.00 per tip for deckhand. Call my cell to book your spots!.....need 5 to sail! 610.462.5688 Thanks!
  2. Boaters Forum
    Hey Striper People! I have no idea if they allow this buy i am looking into buying a fishing boat for stripers. One of my friends and i were looking for a small 20 ft center console project boat. We will consider boats smaller than 25feet. It must come with a trailer. Thanks. If anythiing i...
  3. Hudson River
    It's funny on Sunday morning I boated a nice 25 lber and as I drifted past reset we watched 6 boats move into our drift both in front and behind us 2 of which dropped anchor only yards making us move. But it was all good as we boated the seconded fish in between them. Good luck and tight lines.
  4. Striper Guides & Charters
    Well with the weather forecast the first few days this week, we will run some open boats starting Wed. Here is the schedule for this weeks open boats.....we still have Sat available for charter as well...a.m. or p.m. Wed 4/25.....2 pm - 8 pm Fri 4/27......6am -12 pm Fri 4/27.......2 pm - 8 pm...
  5. Hudson River
    i saw 2 party boats fishing hudson monday by tappen zee bridge anybody know who they were and how they did mike
  6. New Jersey
    Hey anyone know any good party/charter boats for stripers and blues in the Belmar or Highlands area? I'm sure they are a dime a dozen right now but i'm looking for some good action this weekend as my buddies are traveling to Jersey to see me and go fishing. thanks in advance
  7. Massachusetts
    So every one knows about the sad accident last week, well from the looks of things its not letting up... saturday evening we were on the river anchored up fishing and we noticed a runabout drifting past us fishing , about 15-20 min later we heard what we thought was a depth alarm going off( it...
  8. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I got off the river 9:30 am was over run with boats.Home before wife and daughters got up. Time to eat the catch and pound some Buds. Tight Lines 247 UHRSC
  9. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Good weekend to work on the docks anybody got there boats in
  10. Hudson River
    Do you guys think that a fourteen foot jonboat would be sufficient for the river providing there's no stormy weather and it's not too windy out? How do you think the flat bottom would fare?
  11. New Jersey
    I'm REALLY dying to go fishing. The lakes are frozen and the surf fishing is dead. I took an 18 off-shore trip for Seabass and had a great time but was wiped for a day afterwards. I'm looking at a 3/4 day mackerel trip but never fished them before. I've heard that the fight is good but...
  12. Boaters Forum
    Hey everyone. Haven't been here in a while. Anyways i'm looking at purchasing a Aylward bass boat..its the 25 Pilothouse model. Anyone have any experience/knowledge with these boats? Supposedly they are pretty nice. Opinions?
  13. Boaters Forum
    What's the word on Polar boats? I don't know anything about them but they sure look nice. I am considering upgrading from my KW 1520 to a Polar 1900CC. Are they a good boat? I'm looking for something that I would feel safe taking my young son out saltwater fishing in and my 15 footer - although...
  14. The Striper Forum
    Does anyone have any recommendations for party boats out of western Long Island? I want to try to go out tomorrow or sunday night. Tryin to get on some bass while the spring run is hot :-)
  15. New Jersey
    Does anyone have any recommendations for a party boat in the nassau or captree area. i want to go out with some friends this weekend. Cant afford a charter but want to get out while the run is hot.
  16. Boaters Forum
    The boat is ready for the season. Swapped out the badly rusted trailer for a galvanized one, new tires, rewired lights, new wobble wheels, started the motor, and it was like I never put it away for the winter, new Minn-Kota Endura 55 and battery to power it. A little paint on the bottom...
  17. Hudson River
    Went from 6am till 11 lots of boats out there every1 having the same results as me nada. Great day though. try again 2moro
  18. Boaters Forum
    What type of boats do you guys have, and where do you keep em? I have a classic 20' 1970 Seacraft Open Fisherman with 140hp I/O Merc , finest kind:D I keep my boat in the South River in Humarock and also in Cohasset Harbor for part of the year.
  19. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    I'm thinking for the future, like next year? Wondering about tin (aluminum) vs. Glass. On one hand tin will be economical requireing less HP (with speed prop) to push. On the other hand, in some seas it can be a basterd to be comfortable in on a run. I'm thinking 17-20 ft. (leaning towards 19)...
1-19 of 31 Results