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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys; had to register to tell the tale of first 'keeper' Striper; 3 people involved in landing the fish (2 actually, I had a nominal part...). I'd [modestly] consider myself a top Largemouth angler, and that had more than a little to do with landing the Striper. I gave lots of L/M Bass...
  2. The Striper Forum
    Just curious: Who makes the best planer board for the money? I've been hesitant to order them at 35 a piece. Any info would be appreciated!
  3. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Great forum lots of good info, what is the best planer board to try, fishin for stripers, largemouth- A little skeptical of some of the ads- Have a 17 ft. boat with trolling motor in freshwater. Thanks, busted
  4. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Where do you all get your cutting boards for filleting fish? Are there any companies that make custom dimensions so you can store them inside a cooler? Thanks.
  5. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    I have spent a little more time exploring Stripes in the middle Tn area, Cordell Hull primarily because of the low boat traffic. Up to now just dragging some various hard baits and buck tails and an occasional spoon of sorts. I have some luck when a school is wacking baitfish on the surface but...
  6. Trolling for Stripers
    I have chartered a boat out of Kingston. The captain only used down riggers. i was wondering if anyone has ever used BIGJON planer boards. If yes what kind of rapala? And how deep should i fish? It will be my first time on my own. I dont want to get skunked!
  7. Boaters Forum
    Has anyone ever tried this?? My idea is to run my mainline to a 3 way swivel with a bottom bouncer or walking sinker for weight followed by 6-8 feet of flouro leader and a large crank bait or maybe even tube n worm... My thinking is that the weight will keep it close to bottom for the tube n...
  8. The Striper Forum
  9. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    Anyone out there build their own planer boards? I am looking for plans to make some but I cant any. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Craig
  10. Freshwater Tackle Box
    Howdy all, new to the board but I love the site. I sure wish striper fisherman were more connected out here on the west coast. I fish the california aqueduct for stripers and was wondering if anyone out there has presented lures or bait from the shore using planer boards to hold lure position...
  11. Buy - Sell - Trade
    I'd like to invite everyone at Stripers247 to visit our website and see our product. We believe we have a great product and one that is sorely-needed in the marine industry. Ultimate Bunk Boards have been in business just over 2 years and we have already sold our boards in over 30 states. John...
1-11 of 14 Results