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  1. Hudson River
    Asking for a friend who claims they are not native to the Hudson. Or are they?
  2. Hudson River
    Does anyone know of any bait shops that have bloods in stock? Any details would be apreciated. I'm launching my boat this weekend and figured I might as well get a line wet. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hudson River
    Which do you guys prefer? Why?
  4. Hudson River
    So I switched to circle hooks with my bloods this year and my hookup ratio has been atrocious. What type of hooks and size do you use with bloodworms?
  5. The Striper Forum
    Hey yall, some of you old sea hags most have some good tips for storin and shippin bloodworms?I know they ship em in salt water, is there any tricks to keepin them more healthy, or livin longer?All advice welcome!thebirdman.gif
  6. Maine
    So I live on Merrymeeting Bay and just started fishing. I am new and learning quick. Getting the hang of my part of the bay because I do not have a boat and fish almost every night--mainly catch catfish, eels and white perch. Neighbor showed me a few spots on the kenne the other day and got a...
  7. Surfcasting Central
    Anyone find a source for worms yet?
  8. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Is it true that if you want to have any kind of a chance to catch stripers on the Delaware you need bloodworms? I have lots of artificials to try!!fish.gif
  9. Hudson River
    I am brand new to striper fishing -- the white perch are DEVOURING my bloodworms, and it is killing me. Any advice on avoiding it? I'm throwing from one 9' surf pole, and one 7' boat rod, with usually a 2-oz. sinker...will a 3-oz. sinker make enough of a difference for casting distance? I...
  10. Hudson River
    Who has them around the newburgh area. i checked Cealey's, gander mtn, thruway market and no good. the shop in croton on hudson has some but that is 1 hour away. Any suggestions?
  11. Surfcasting Central
    Its that time again, stripertime. Has anyone successfully picked bloodworms in NJ ? According to studys they are populated from Nova Scotia to Florida. I have never seen any however they are supposed to enhabit this area. Zach
  12. The Striper Forum
    There are many bloodworm-substitute baits out there now- Fishbites Bag o Bloods, Seabait Bloodworm Potion, Maine Baits' Bloodworm liquid bait, some kind of "squid strip" in Bloodworm flavor, and perhaps others. Has anyone ever used any of these products for Striped Bass, seen them used, "heard...
  13. Canada
    Just curious if there are any places around Truro to grab some bloodworms wanna try them out this season Only ones I can find on google are American and they wont ship under 500 Any help would be great Thanks JC
  14. Hudson River
    Tried these this year with no results, but with fishing from shore generally being so sporadic I can't say that I've truly given them a full test. Anyone else try 'em? Results, if any? Thanks gents! Shorebound
  15. Delaware River
    I'm going to try the Gulp Bloodworms on one hook and real Blodworms on second hook. I've heard good things about the artificial worms and want to test them out. My only reservation is the water temp. I read they're better at releasing scent in warmer water. Anyone using them?
  16. The Striper Forum
    Has anyone tried any of the artificial bloodworm-type stuff out there yet this season? You know- Fishbites, Gulp, Pro-Cut, etc.? If so-how'd 'ya do?
  17. Freshwater Tackle Box
    From Gloucester County Times NJ Some new imitation bloodworms have appeared on the market, and all indications point to them being just what the doctor ordered. In fact, many bait dealers we contacted stated that they are discontinuing carrying bloodworms completely. Several dealers told us...
  18. The Striper Forum
    Ok, was out fishing yesterday on the Chesapeake. Everyone I talked to was using bloodworms. Why is it that bloodworms are the only bait the striper will hit on this time of year? Is it lack of other types of food in the bay? Doesn't make sense to me that they won't hit anything else....
  19. New Jersey
    early in the season like this are clams or bloodworms a better pick.
1-19 of 20 Results