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  1. Hudson River
    Thinking about giving Blood Worms a whirl for the first time this weekend coming just wondering if anyone knows what they cost at River Basin or at RJ's in coxsackie if they have them before I drop 70 bucks to have them shipped from Maine. These are the only 2 bait shops I no of in Greene...
  2. Hudson River
    Does anyone know if Vinny's Lake House in Wappingers falls sells bloodworms still and what his hours might be. Thank you.
  3. Hudson River
    Hey guys I was just wondering if you knew who sold blood worms north of river basin sports? Went out last weekend with no bait hoping to get some herring but never happened....This weekend I want to be prepared and at least have something to throw in the water.
  4. Hudson River
    Was just wondering if anyone has tried them up here in the albany area?? its tough to get herring early in the season wonder if anyone has tried using blood worms? they work great down south why wouldnt they work up here???
  5. Hudson River
    So I am thinking of buying a flat of blood worms instead of getting them at my local bait shop for $12 a dozen. I go with my friend at least once if not twice a week and we will split it. I have a few questions though. Does anyone have any reputable sites to purchase flats of blood worms from...
  6. Delaware River
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  7. Hudson River
    How do you rig the worm on the hook? Texas style? I have the line slider's and the leader down but need to know how to rig the actual worm to the hook... Thanks in advance.
  8. Hudson River
    They are for sale in Wappingers FISHERMANS WORLD. Very good sign that they will be here soon. Going out for the hell of it on Sunday let you know how i make out.Just cant sit in the house anymore :banana::yay:
  9. Hudson River
    Looking for some advice here - I've heard and read that blood worms are especially good early in the season, and a buddy of mine caught a 39" fish yesterday on blood worms. They are so expensive though ($10 for a dozen in the Kingston area) and often undersized, and you blow through them...
  10. The Striper Forum
    Hello all, Im new to this site but I've been striper fishing for 20+ years. Two years ago while fishing the river a guy showed me how to bag up my blood worms. I though he was crazy until he banged a 40 five minutes later. Ive been bagging mine ever since. you use half the bait and none of those...
  11. Hudson River
    me and my friends want to buy flats of bloodworms because it turns out to be cheaper if u buy a large quantity. Any one know where we can get them, they r sayin somewhere around new york city
  12. Hudson River
    i use mostly blood worms, but they r expensive, they work great if theres not a school of perch swimming by, nothin is worst then casting ur line, and instanstly gettin perch munchin on ur worm. But if theres no perch around, lettin ur work sit for 5-10 mins, usually u will get a striper hit if...
  13. Hudson River
    Anyone know what the farthest north i can buy blood worms? Never see these in albany bait shops....or is chucked mackeral a good bet?
  14. The Striper Forum
    I always called the worms I get Sand Worms.. are Sand Worms and Blood Worms the same ? Sea Bait looked like sand worms to me lol.. I know the sand worms I buy have those little spikes in their mouth. Sorry this should have been under the Blood Worm Post...:(
  15. New York
    Forum, I'm new to the forum so for starters, hello. Fisherman's Choice just came out with a new product that my local tackle shop is raving about, Squidworms. Has anyone ever seen them before or fished them successfully? If so are they fished like regular bloods, for stripers, or is working the...
  16. The Striper Forum
    been hearing alot about how blood worms are a good all around bait. i have a few differnt size hooks but want to know what is the largest hook i should use for the best presentaion. and was also wondering about if red hooks are a good way to go.
1-16 of 18 Results