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  1. The Striper Forum
    Cape Cod bay is not the first place that comes to mind when you think of surfcasting, but as it turns out I was actually able to catch my PB striper. The fish is by no means a fish of a lifetime, but for me it certainly was pretty big. I'm going to leave a link to the video below, so feel...
  2. Hudson River
    Just curious to see some personal bests from my fellow fisherman and the stories behind them. The photo I've attached is actually my father and his (our) best fish. I like to take credit for the catch because I had to twist his arm to stay on the water that day. We had a lousy morning jigging...
  3. Florida Stripers and Hybrids
    If these kind of lists (Florida's biggest fish ever caught) interest you, the next two are just about the most detailed FREE ones available anywhere: ALL-TIME TOP-25 BIGGEST / HEAVIEST STRIPED BASS EVER CAUGHT (OR REPORTEDLY CAUGHT) IN FLORIDA...
  4. Hudson River
    Well it seems in a few post that there is a argument that fishing from a boat produces bigger fish then fishing from shore. So I think we should have a poll to see who really does catch the most 40 inch + fish. Also for the vote to count there should be a picture posted if possible. Good luck!
  5. Hudson River
    Hey guys my name is Chris im 24 outta the Poughkeepsie area. Been fishing the hudson since before I can remember. New to the site figured id stop trolling and introduce myself and maybe share some of the knowledge ive gained over the years. Far from a pro but consider myself above the curve...
  6. New Jersey
    whats up guys. this 34 pound bass is the biggest fish i have ever caught. lol. this is number 9 on the season. she measured 42 inches shes was a freakin willy mamouth lol, I have caught 9 keepers so far and let 5 go and kept 4.For the most part the bass i have caught arent too big(nothing over...
  7. New York
    went out this weekend an got my limit! got me a 43" 27lb striper an a 39" 19lb striper. fishes were caught on fresh bunker chunks during falling tide. the bait fish (bunker) were in the area which drew the big one near my spot! awesome day of fishing!!!!:salute:
  8. Buy - Sell - Trade
    I have 3 UMCO Boxes two of them are the 4500 UPB style with the ice chest built in on the bottom. I think these are the biggest boxes ever made. I know the one side holds at least 44 lures and the side has bigger trays on top so probably 35 on that side.. The Ice chest will hold eels...
  9. Hudson River
    I know its not saying much but I caught the biggest striper I ever caught today. Got him under the Eddyville Bridge. Was trying for herring using a dollar store spin bait to attract herring when this fish slams the spinner. Its 24.5 inches long and almost 7lbs. I kept him to eat him...Got him in...
  10. The Striper Forum
    i'm kicking myself right now i lost 30+lb fish around midnight tonight boy did that bitch fight when it took my eel it almost pulled my rod from my hands ,i set the hook and she ran about 200ft out i got her about 20ft from shore and she made another run about 50ft i was pumped ,i got her on...
  11. Massachusetts
    Finally got out at night in the harbor with some expensive eels...Not as many fish caught as we usually do but the size well made up for it... a couple 26 to 28...Then bam- 35 incher -what a fight four or five runs that made me think it wasn't going to let me see it...Just about too big for the...
  12. Massachusetts
    i havent had much luck this year as this is only my 2nd keeper, but this is a big fish! it sure put up one hell of a fight, i didnt really have my reel set up right, i had to grab the spool a couple times to keep it from taking all of my backing off. I caught it in fairhaven with a pogie chunk...
  13. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    nice 38 incher thumbsup.gif I have the other pics . iam just waiting to upload them
  14. Hudson River
    My son and I both got a pair of 36" they were our biggest. We always left em biteing got two within halve hour of each other and back to the barn for the honey do list just to keep the peace. I think this year we'll do some catch and release go for some bigger fish. I just hate to throw em back...
  15. Images and Pictures
  16. Hudson River
    Whats the biggest striper you have ever caught in the upper hudson biggest was 52 inches 47.5 pounds caught bye the port of albany about 5 years ago and i was on a boat with my wife and dad ..WE went back to the same spot the next day and it was packed with boats since then ive stuck to...
  17. The Striper Forum
    It's too bad that had to be your first trip....that will spoil everything! Nice fish though!
  18. Canada
    28 in and 8.12lbs he was cought in steweaick river nova scotia nomal for catching there is like 33in to 25in
  19. The Striper Forum
    its fun to hear good fishing storys
  20. Massachusetts
    ray I've seen. Last night on a Storm shad, at the top of the tide. I thought I was caught on the bottom, but this thing started to head up channel. I thought, what the.... I brought it in belly. When I saw the white, I thought it was a towel of something. :biglaff: It was about three feet from...
1-20 of 22 Results