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  1. Maine
    Hoping to get some general information on tactics and areas (I know) not exact, but rather what tides, structure, live, artificial, etc. I will have direct access to Pool and will also have fishing Kayaks. Thanks in advance
  2. Maine
    new to the forum and never fished in the biddeford pool area and wondering if anybody has any hot spots they would be willing to share and what they are biting on. thanks
  3. The Striper Forum
    I know several guys on here fish primarily with eels (Gunny, Roc, Jake, BryanL maybe???) both from shore and on a boat, but my question is this: When fishing a place without much forgivness such as Monatauk or Biddeford Pool where korkers and carrying as little gear as possible are imperative...
  4. Massachusetts
    So my computer is finally in a fairly decent working order. Meaning I can tell you guys some reports. I have been fishing the last 3 days at the Kiosk at UNE. Caught about a dozen 2 days ago, 20+ yesterday, and around 7 today. First keeper of the year though today at 22". I have been...
  5. Massachusetts
    greetings, We're going to Biddeford Pool for a few days in late august. Anyone have any suggestions for places, times, strategies? I mostly fish lures. thanks, Jon
1-5 of 5 Results