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  1. Massachusetts
    I am working in Ptown for the next few weeks and I wanna spend the evenings killin the stripers!! I don't have a beach buggy permit???? Any walk to or drive to tips would be great!! Thanx
  2. The Sports Bar
    i bet my cousin that if the ny giants win he gets a plug with their logo on it. If i win I forgot what he said. he would give me. oh yea I just took a boat home from his house for free.
  3. Striper247 Events
    .... do we have enough folks with 4X4 beach passes (Rhode Island) to have a easy "gathering" trucked on down the beach? I've room to carry 1 (maybe 2) passengers,,, and the best fishing (IMHO) is coming up soon. Any (quantative) interest?
  4. Massachusetts
    If I were going to lay odds on slammin a cow, I would make plans for a no sleep weekend this week. Moon phase comin into full, Tides lining up with sunset/sunrise. With a week of rain sending the bait to the front beaches, things should be lining up nicely. I am planning on starting with...
  5. The Striper Forum
    its a win win situation for me.. if i beat anyone i win 20 bucks and go fishing for free.. if i lose i pay 20 bucks for a night of fishing on a boat with someone who knows where the fish are. challenge is still open. its more of a joke post. im really not confident in my fishing.. i still cant...
1-5 of 6 Results