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  1. Delaware River
    Got solid reports tht the bass r on the move north schooling off Maryland coast and could move into the bay in no time. The bay is and has maintained low 40's never dropping below 41degrees once the bay reaches and hold at 46-47 expect the bay to fill and the push up river to start soon there...
  2. Connecticut
    Environmental Contaminants Housatonic River restoration begins in Connecticut A 25-acre floodplain on the Housatonic River in New Milford, Conn., was permanently protected by the Northwest Conservation District at the end of November 2010. A trail will be constructed to provide access to the...
  3. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    ASMFC takes first steps to rebuild menhaden forage base ALEXANDRIA, VA - For the first time ever, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission took steps to rein in the industrial harvest of menhaden and begin the process of managing the menhaden fishery. If adopted, the measures proposed...
  4. Massachusetts
    this just in as the new administration is planning not only catch shares for commercial fishing but want to expand into the recreational fishery as well. monies were allocated for the following. NOAA announces the availability of an additional $10 million to preserve fishing opportunities for...
  5. Maine
    June 1st in Casco Bay is easier to identify by the bait that enter at the headlight than the calendar. Tomorrow morning our first striper trip of the year leaves a little before sunup. We'll be looking to pick off a few in the early season spots, but as many of you who know this area already...
  6. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Great day on the river the Hudson was mighty nice to me and my fishing buddies the herring were there first thing this morning and she gave up a 33" male to TEAM FINN plus five more to the Furgary boat club's tin boat fleet. A good start to STRIPER TIME!!! Catch em up
  7. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Friday: SPRING Begins @ 7:44 am. Here we go !!! Hope this spring brings "Tight lines and Screaming drags". Good luck to ya all out there !!! Oh yea Bassinbrain says "The first round on him" ! Now we got to get Perch Inc. to cook them fish !!! :anon:
  8. Massachusetts
    Hey guys.......... Just got a report of the Squid showing up here in rhode island.. So it begins. Tight Lines and Good Luck everyone !!!! :twisted: craig aka briggs :twisted: aka surfcastermaster 8) MASTER OF HIS OWN DOMAIN 8)
1-8 of 8 Results