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  1. The Sports Bar
    Scarlett Knights Undefeated Rutgers. Do you believe it? cool_blue.gif 9 and 0 No. 15 Scarlet Knights and No. 3 Louisville 5 play stretch in the first half went like this. 1. Louisville intercepts a pass. 2. Rutgers intercepts a pass. 3. Rutgers scores on a touchdown pass. 4. Louisville...
  2. New Jersey
    Went out in the Raritan this past Friday. Caught a few fish but then it went down hill. buddy lost a fish due to bad knot at the hook 10 minutes later buddy lost another due to bad knot at the swivel thunder storm starts headed to the ramp to wait it out, forgot about the rod in the T top...
  3. Freshwater Tackle Box
    Nothing beats the timeless plastic worm By Gene Mueller Washington Times October 9, 2005 Although bass fishermen have widely divergent views on almost everything, nearly all agree on one thing: They can't live without a good spinnerbait or a bag full of plastic worms. The most versatile bass...
1-3 of 5 Results