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  1. Hudson River
    Saw a photo on Noreast of fish caught today in Beacon on a Bloodworm! Big fat 40 pound cow. That is very encouraging. They are comming boys.......
  2. Hudson River
    Fished tide going out caught fish from 2lb. to12lbs. Lost 30 inch plus fish 10 feet from shore snapped 20# test with 25# floro carbon leader on bloods. Lot of fisherman everyone catching fish. Seagulls flying off point chomping on herring so herring our in and out of fishkill creek.Few boats out...
  3. Hudson River
    caught 36 " striper on bloods top of incoming tide. Lots of boats out today 40 plus boats , i was on shore. Its time my striper brothers.
  4. New Jersey
    Fished Beacon today, guys jigging for herring off Dennings Point and catching stripers by boat off of the point.
  5. Massachusetts
    ANNA MINICUCCI Dan Brown was chunking herring on the north side of Conimicut Point in Warwick and landed two striped bass. One weighed in at 14.03 lbs., the second catch weighed 11.03 lbs. John Turner used clams while fishing at Conimicut Point and landed at 30-inch, 9-lb. striped bass. Larry...
1-5 of 5 Results