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  1. New York
    So For a change from fishing from my boat in NJ waters, Myself and the Rod Reaper were invited aboard Capt. Tom's 51 footer The "Sea Wife" out of Montauk with his mate Rudy, and his passengers for a half day of inshore fishing Cat. Tom and Mate Rudy had us on fish the whole time. We Limited out...
  2. The Striper Forum
    :gob_icon_cheers: All the best my friend. Its Birthday time
  3. Massachusetts
    Somebodies B-day is on the 4th???????????? erizerme's I know we all got plans on the 4th but hey? How about some /all/ a bunch of us. Pic a day to celebrate a forum members B-day. We could all go fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1. So who's up to the challenge? York Maine the week of the 4th...
  4. Massachusetts
    Big fishin' pahty startin' Friday evening, July 1st, at the Trestle. Will probably be partying/fishing throughout the weekend. I just got a HUGE BAG of fireworks, so we have plenty of firepower. Bring your drinks of choice, herrin's to chunk, lawnchairs, and all the other necessary...
1-4 of 10 Results