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  1. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I have a BII-8000 wound full of 20# mono and I’ve found that it’s been a real bear to cast. I use lures, haven’t tried bait yet. I’m wondering about dropping down to a 6000 or some other brand to save my arms, but still have good salt protection, enough mono line capacity and be well suited for...
  2. The Striper Forum
    Wondering what your thoughts are on these nice spinning reels for freshwater striper lake fishing. They would be used for topwater action using mag poppers and spooks, etc...for stripers averaging 10 to 15lbs up to 20-25lb possible.
  3. Striper Guides & Charters
    Just wondering which of these nice spinning reels you think would perform better for catching freshwater stripers up to 20-25lb range. Would be using them mainly for surface action casting mag poppers, spooks, etc..
  4. Reels and Reel Maintenance
    Hello, I need some help and advice. I am looking to buy the Penn Battle. Not sure to go with the 4000 or 5000. I have a 9 foot MH surf rod. I am going to use lures and fish for bass. I have the Penn 750SS and I think its too big for a 9 footer. Thanks Model Mono Cap. (yds/lb)...
  5. The Striper Forum
    what size should i get for striper fishing . trying to build a rod/reel for lure fishing in rivers. Going to get a battle 6000, but want to get some advice and considerations before committing. Rod recommendations are also appreciated. thanks!
  6. Chesapeake Bay
    Maryland watermen - the people who use nets to catch their fish - are not exactly in love with recreational anglers. They believe they get in the way and perhaps catches striped bass that the netters could market. But as witnessed recently Hundreds of Maryland Charter Boat Association members...
  7. Plugs and Plug Building
    My plug building season is over, all that remains to be done is to finish my swap plugs... With 35-40 days left before the new arrivals, I've got 3 counter tops to remove and reinstall, two of which I need to cut, I've got to put in the new stove, ( no big deal) install a new diswasher and...
  8. Stripers 101 - Sticky Threads
    This is the last day of your"Striper Vacation" you've fished all the best tides,night and day,you've landed some nice fish but are still looking for that trophy,grey dawn streaks the sky,you get a solid whack on a sub surface swimming plug,line melts off the spool,you cant remember if you...
1-8 of 8 Results