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  1. Boaters Forum
    I just bought a boat, its a 20 ft wellcraft with a 175hp mercury. I need a battery but it dosent have one in it. I cant find any application guides for what battery came in it. Do I need a deep cycle or just a battery for starting? The only electronics I have is a radio, cb, fish finder and...
  2. Hudson River
    Just to let yous know I got one last year form harbor feight it works very well cost was 47.50. Man still windy!
  3. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Hey Guys: I've got a 24 volt Trolling motor ...2 12 v batts......I have a red lead from positive post and black from neg post coming from each battery..........there is another lead that I know I'm supposed to strap between the 2 batteries to make 24 volts,but I don't know where it hooks...
  4. Kayaking Stripers
    Just completed the build of the battery box I will be installing in my Prowler 15. This box could be permanently installed inside the kayak, as the battery can easily removed from the box for replacement, or it could be a temp install adding some cusioning to bottom by cutting a slit in the...
  5. The Striper Forum
    Late report, fished Battery Park 2 sundays ago. 21" ,23", 25" bass--1 on clam and 2 on bunker. Could have caught a bunch of little fish if I would have used smaller chunks and hooks but I didn't want to other with lots of bites from those little guys. I saw BP Dave since i finally...
  6. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    Now that the warm weather is upon us (well some of us) we are starting to get our boats ready. Hopefully your battery was stored somewhere above freezing and no harm has come to it. A few steps before installing it in your boat can go along way to preventing a break down: 1) make up a...
  7. New York
    Fish being caught at the battery on eels biggest repoirted 22 lbs.
  8. New York
    Young people entering 6th, 7th and 8th grades are invited to enroll in TEEN MARINE ADVENTURE, a 4-week, 15-session exploration of the Hudson River from the shores of Battery Park City. On land and sea, participants will engage in scientific exploits and just plain fun (games such as volleyball...
1-8 of 9 Results