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  1. Kentucky
    Hey all. Anyone here ever fished for hybrid on Barren River lake? I went a few times with my dad a handful of years ago, but he always controlled the boat, so I, for the most part, didn't know where were at. Also, I only had his word to go on, and he wasn't ever too successful, and I'm not...
  2. Kentucky
    Barren River Army Corps Information Louisville District Barren River Lake 11088 Finney Road Glasgow, KY 42141 (270) 646-2055 The lake has three large islands. In the widest part of the lake, there are two large islands, each about one square mile in size. And another smaller island near the...
  3. Kentucky
    Hybrid striped bass excellent with good topwater action near the dam and islands. During the day try nightcrawlers and large shiner minnows at 8-10 feet. . In the tailwater, catfish excellent, hybrids good, crappie poor. Surface temperature 74 degrees
1-3 of 3 Results